Today’s walk…It didn’t suck!

By: chesshirecat

Dec 12 2008

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Focal Length:7.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5000

I amaze myself sometimes. For more than a year, I have been making these promises to myself, that I will start being more active, get out go walking on some of the really good trails around here. I live near the APT…and really…if your looking for a great trail well you aren’t gonna be disappointed to be there.
But…I didn’t start on the AP trail…for crying out loud…didn’t ya read up above? I haven’t been active in almost two years…I sure am not gonna go out on a trail like that one till my legs have had the chance to do something besides sit in the computer chair, or veg out on the couch in front of the TV.
This is where I went…a short trail of one mile, with educational markers all along the way…ahhh…nothing like some education as you exercise your pathetically pudgy body…!
As I started walking, the chill was starting to bite at my nose…yes boys and girls, it’s cold out here! I waited until 11:oo am to start this walk…by that time, it had warmed up…from 32 degrees to almost 40. Much better, and I knew I wasn’t gonna go if I didn’t leave then…yeah, I been there and done that with myself!
But hey, I loved it! I didn’t do any power walking…I just strolled along…at first, looking for natural photo ops that I felt would look decent…I took dozens of pictures, and when I got home and started editing…I have seven…not bad for me actually!
I was beginning to think the wild life was only about squirrels…but!!!!! I was wrong! As I’m walking through the woods, and near the banks of the Doe River…I hear this really BIG SPLASH! “Man what the heck was that?” I thinks to myself…as I am peering through the dormant tree trunks and branches…I finally see what has made that racket! A two point buck! I spot him as he is making his way across the river! Yeah, he decided he would rather swim than be anywhere near me…bastard…reminds me of a few of my EX’s…now I’m not that nuts-so…at least I never thought so…but I guess this poor young buck kinda proved Mother Nature’s thoughts on me…sigh…I wish I could of gotten a photo of the guy as he crossed the river…I am gonna ask Santa to bring me a telephoto lens for my Camera…next year…this year…I think I have maxed Santa’s gift giving…I already have my quota on gifts for Christmas and birthday from my family for ’08!

I encountered two other people while I was there on my walk…on guy was a jogger…friendly and said hello when I did…the other was one of those snobby bitches…who you know…just by looking at her, her clothing, her attitude…the way she avoided eye contact with ya as she approached you…well the bitch…was just too fancy and too high flouting to make me feel comfortable about her being in my neck of the fricken woods…good thing she was goose stepping it outta there! LOL

Well I am gonna go walking everyday…build up my resistance to exercise, extend the lengths of the walks, and I am gonna get a whole shit load of healthy-ier things going on in my life…you watch and see!


2 comments on “Today’s walk…It didn’t suck!”

  1. See you doing better already.Did you get any pics of the full moon?.We never have clouds… We had clouds LOLI went to the Parking Garage we met on for the Damn ride. Great View of the Clouds LOLPap

  2. Well, Pappy…no, we too had clouds…lots of em. I love looking at the moon, the night sky, searching for Mars…I at one time had a great picture of N.L.V. from that garage…put I failed to back up my computor and make a copy of all my pics. So I lost them…at least on the computor. I have another computor…older, that also needs a good cleaning…I will send it out in ’09 for it’s D and C (dusting and cleaning..) and back up the pictures from it…silly of me to be so darn lazy…I lose too many great pictures that way!

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