Electric Motorcycles, wave of the future?

A couple of days ago, I received something in my Email reporting on the status of an engineers dream to build an electric motorcycle that will compete with motorized 2 wheel vehicles in the summer’s Isle of Man TT Races Clean Emissions Grand Prix.
“WHAT???” You loudly decry…. “When in the hell did the Isle of Man start holding ‘clean emissions’ races?” What the hell is a clean emissions race? Oh, I’m so glad you asked that, because I still don’t believe what I’ve read and found out through some minor research. It boggles the mind… “Green racing” now. Uh….OK. NOT!!!!!!

Well, for those of you disbelievers check this out.

This bike travels over 150MPH!!!! OK, well…I’m not really as excited and hopped up about it as I’m trying to sound. Here are some of the top reasons why:

1. It just doesn’t sound like a motorcycle. It sounds like one of those toys you get from a fast food place that uses a “zip strip” to wind it up. I’m sorry, I know it took hours and hours of industry on the part of the builder to come up with this…but I love the sound of a fossil fuel engine….not a motor.
2. It just doesn’t sound like a motorcycle….et all.
3. It just doesn’t sound like a motorcycle…

I’m sure you get the point I’m trying to make. Sure, I can be called “self centered” for allowing this type of thought regarding “green” creep into my consciousness, but I don’t give a shit. When it comes to OUR motorcycles, don’t mess with em. You can force me to buy a green car if you’d like Mr. Government Man…but leave my motorcycle alone… you might just as well cut my heart out.

I was trying to be fair, and let the “other” side speak. I zipped off to the “Green” websites, I read their incentive and motivation blogs regarding the subject…but I just can’t seem to find the energy it takes to rewrite the spiel in my own words. I just can’t seem to do it. This idea of taking away my rights to a fossil fueled motorcycle just drains me. So I’m gonna insert a link here for you… http://www.visitbritain.us/things-to-see-and-do/interests/sports/features/isle-of-man.aspx?SE=GGL&CAT=Sports&KEY=isle+of+man+tt+races&MED=IH
you can read for yourself some of the reasons for having a TT race at the Isle of Man this year. You know, I’m not against having the race…I just don’t want the government to get anything into their heads about removing me from my V-Twin engine….or from being able to watch motorbikes from all countries battle it out for this fast and furious road race…Or any kind of race for that matter. I mean how far do they think a Green Motorcycle would get on the Dakar race?
I don’t know, call me a greedy little bitch for wanting my cake…and damn it, I am gonna eat it too…it’s the American way…

5 comments on “Electric Motorcycles, wave of the future?”

  1. In my opinion, this bike is no more green than any other. It Ain’t green, unless powered by wind, water, or sun. If it’s electric, it had to get the electricity from somewhere. Most of the time the electricity was generated from fossil fuels. What’s the difference. May as well burn gas, and still run, sound and feel like a real bike should.Just my opinion.

  2. And a sound one at that (opinion) Mr. Motorcycle…Thanks for chipping in on the topic.

  3. How many cycles does the Green movement have to go through before they realize the rest of us are happy with them doing for us?When will they understand that all of their hypocritical banter is inane crap?Not that I think we don’t need to be cautious of our so called “footprint” on this planet, but I could talk until the end of time on how the that movement is so full of elephant dung, but I’ll just make two observations.One. Old mother earth is damn good at self healing. Dig up some photos of the area around Mt. St. Helen’s right after the big blow in the 1980’s. Then look at that same area 5 years later. Pretty flippin’ amazing.(Don’t even get me started about the CFC output from a single volcanic eruption vs. man’s CFC output since the industrial revolution.)Two. Anyone who screams that we need to stop consumption of fossil fuels can find their own way to make…..hmmmmm….say….plastic. Yeah, go find another way to keep your bread fresh, or build that vehicle around that clean burning motor.Give me my V8, or more importantly…..leave your hands off my rumble machine.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t one of the main ideas behind motorcycles that of being a rebel–outside of the goody two shoes world? Why the hell would any of us want our rebel machines to conform to society’s latest and hottest “in” trend (being green)? Helllllooooo…(knock knock)…is there anyone in there?

  5. Hmmmm…eletric motorcycle? this is a new thing for me. Hope its power is just the same.

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