Florida pulls a sneaky one…who’s surprised?

I hailed my home state as Florida off and on since 1963. So when my friend Rogue sends me these little updates regarding Florida Leg. workings…I will post them.

It appears that the Florida Legislature tabled HB 5007A to let everyone believe it was a dead issue and then snuck the same wording into CS/SB-40a and it has passed both the house and the senate and sent to the governor.

This bill contains the changes to funding for Florida Motorcycle Safety Education Program. The bill will have the money moved from motorcycle rider education to the Florida Department of Transportation.

People can e-mail and phone Governor Charlie Christ and ask him to remove it from the bill before he signs it.

In 2008 the Florida legislature raised the fee for motorcycle licensing and not 6 months later they are raiding the fund.

This is Not A New Fee it has been going on for years It Is A Increased Fee

No one has ever explained how this money is being spent But I can not see where it is on rider education.

The last I heard the now Mandatory Classes are $295.00 and Up.

Here are some numbers of money generated. WHERE IS IT??????


General Reports

Revenue Report FY 2000-2008

[each year is a separate PDF]

FY July 2007–June 2008

Motorcycle Safety Education

State Revenue: $1,669,207.50

Total: $1,669,207.50

FY July 2006–June 2007

Motorcycle Safety Education

State Revenue: $1,516,345.00

Total: $1,516,345.00

FY July 2005–June 2006

Motorcycle Safety Education

State Revenue: $1,433,232.50

Total: $1,433,232.50

FY July 2004–June 2005

Motorcycle Safety Education

State Revenue: $1,254,595.00

Total: $1,254,595.00

FY July 2003–June 2004

Motorcycle Safety Education

State Revenue: $1,123,210.00

Total: $1,123,210.00

FY July 2002–June 2003

Motorcycle Safety Education

State Revenue: $95,675.00

Total: $95,675.00

FY July 2001–June 2002

Motorcycle Safety Education

State Revenue: $820,152.50

Total: $820,152.50

FY July 2000–June 2001

Motorcycle Safety Education

FY 00/01 State Revenue: $811,365.40

FY 99/00 State Revenue: $676,366.17

FY July 1999–June 2000

Motorcycle Safety Education

FY 99/00 State Revenue: $678,366.17

FY 98/99 State Revenue: $630,825.70




General Revenue Collections

MC not separate



Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Agency Report to the Sunset Advisory Committee

January 2007

Page 26:

Motorcycle Safety Education Fees

FY 2004-05 Actual Cash Receipts: 1,241,160

FY 2005-06 Actual Cash Receipts: 1,427,653

FY 2006-07 Estimated Cash Receipts: 1,470,483

Page 32:

Program: Florida Highway Patrol

Budget Entity 7610010

The following are grants awarded to the department from DOT and the US Department of Justice. If the FHP was abolished and assuming the same federal monies are available, these amounts would still come into the state; however, they would be awarded to other agencies or entities. Other agencies would have to establish policies and procedures meeting federal requirements to ensure grant funding continues. Policy development by various local agencies could result in a mixture of policies that conflict or fail to meet federal requirements.

MC only:

Statewide Motorcycle Safety Public Information-$159,294.81

Grant from NHTSA through DOT

Motorcycle Safety Training Program – $75,206.60

Grant from NHTSA through DOT




CSFA State Fiscal Year 2008-2009

CSFA Number:


Sturgis Freedom Fighters

Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Member 2005


3 comments on “Florida pulls a sneaky one…who’s surprised?”

  1. Austin looted our fund that only motorcyclists pay into, money supposedly earmarked for “motorcycle awareness” type campaigns. Now, we have a State Senator who wants to force us to wear helmets, ‘for our own good’ since cagers are killing so many of us.You cannot trust the people who are supposed to be your voice in government.

  2. Politicians looting a fund and then having no idea where the money went?I don’t believe it. Could never happen. Not in this country 😦

  3. Willy D, you crack me up

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