Beautiful day in the Virginia Countryside and I’m Riding It

By: chesshirecat

Feb 10 2009

Category: Bristol TN., Bristol VA., Carter's Fold, County road 700, frozen spings, old barns, scenic roads, US 58


Focal Length:51.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5000

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February 9TH 2009. It was one of those wow days here in the NE corner of TN.
I woke up knowing it was going to be a nice warm day, so I was up early, finished my blog, checked my mail, got a few things completed around the house, and prepared for my next big ride for later that morning.

I wanted to complete the ride that was interrupted by my blond inheritance last week. So this week, I get all my affairs in order, all my things I wanted to bring with me was either on me, or in my purse…purse…check…every a go!
The bike cranks up easily in the 58 degree temps. No enriching of the carb was needed today, it was so natural, I even forgot about the choke, until I was well on my way down the road.

I stopped for fuel at the closest place from my house, walked into the mini mart, gave em four bucks, and came back for my change…I only dumped 1.2 gallons into the tank, and with gas at just around 2 bucks a gallon, I can get my change back…just like how it used to be at McDonalds…yeah, I’m old enough to remember that commercial.
Leaving out of the gas station, I head for the mountains. My excitement for the unknown adventure ahead was mounting, I am totally happy for the open road, the bike beneath me, and a strong engine that really likes to go.

Turning onto 19E north, I’m on my way…it feels really good. Continuing on 19E North will bring you into Bristol…I stopped and took this picture. I’ve always planned on taking this picture, so I’m quite proud of myself, I actually remembered to plan the stop for it. It’s on a busy four lane road, so you have to actually remember to stop, and try not to just dump the brakes and lean to the left…or you’ll get run over by the tailgater in back of you. This sign is just after the exit for the Bristol Drag strip. Not to be confused with the Bristol Racetrack…the drag strip is a tad earlier than the racetrack.

I stay on 19E all the way through Bristol, jumping on I-81 north for about a ¼ mile then getting off at 58W. Bristol is Bristol, I’ve been there and done that with Bristol, let’s move on.

Once on 58, I’m not on familiar road. It’s ALT. 58…not the real 58, so I’m disappointed with my choice of road. I ride through miles of outskirts of both Bristol and Abington. Finally, the road opens up…or rather closes in, the rock formations beside me are becoming mountains and the housing as well as businesses are growing sparse!

Now I’m starting to see the sights I come to VA. for. Check out these really cool old houses and barns!

I stopped and took pictures of as many interesting places as I felt I could do something with…and I really was enjoying myself. In the past, I never really stopped for things like this. I hated the tourist feeling, now I’m old enough to not really give a shit what I might look like to others. They don’t know me, they can make assumptions about me all they want, and they would be the ones who were wrong, not me! Check out this! Man I love these kinds of roads!

Here’s a barn I really like, I guess I will have to go back and reload the original picture from the camera card, I wasn’t sure if I would lose the original if I did this kind of adjustments to this barn, so now I will need to go back and get it.
This is an old shack, talk about grown over? The front porch and it’s overhang had collapsed from the vines and overgrowth that was on this house. I really like this picture!

By this time, I was on a county road called 700. It went on for about 15 miles, before I came to this road, one way took you back to Bristol, the other took you eventually to Kingsport. I choose to head towards Kingsport and see what I could see. Man, what a fricken fantastic choice! And here’s why! Check out these hillsides with small springs dripping their waters down the rocky limits of the jagged earth.

Next I came across this barn or equipment shed, built around a huge boulder…pretty cool huh?

It was shortly after this, I came across these scenes. God, Virginia is a beautiful state.

Not long after these photos were taken, I came across an old man on his riding lawnmower, pulling a log splitter down the roadside. I pulled up next to him, and asked if there was a way to get to TN from where we were. He looked at me as if I was plumb loco and said the fastest way was to turn around and head to Bristol. I told him I was out to explore, and was doing a kind of loop ride. My ride had started in Bristol, and I wanted to avoid going back there until I had a good loop and exploration going. The old man smiled at me, he understood: the passion of discovering places and things and taking the long road around. He gave me directions that only farmers, rural dwellers, and intrepid explorers would get. I love it, “go down to the little curve, turn right at Jon’s general store on the corner, and go to where the road splits again, turn left and follow that until you come to… In other words, no road signs, just roadside attractions… I am so at home here.

Don’t you just love this shack? It’s on the way to Carter’s Fold. I had no freaking idea I was in the Carter Family region of VA. I mean I knew they came from around this area, but it was a surprise to me to find their little homestead on this road.

Near Carter’s fold, I found this cool old passenger railcar. I want to do some work with this picture, and see what I can draw out of it for color and saturation limits!

Leaving the Fold, I come across the old Bristol Highway…It’s time to head home and get dinner started for Mom and Jeff. Along the way though…I still find time to stop and take more pictures of the beautiful scenery.


11 comments on “Beautiful day in the Virginia Countryside and I’m Riding It”

  1. The best rides are the one where you don’t know where you are going or where you are at. The ones where you smile about where you’ve been.I remember the ‘Crooked Mile’ road between Kingsport and Bristol, and how if I weren’t Captain for the trip I’d divert. But, I had a group who were already road weary, it was late in the afternoon, and I personally didn’t know how long it was gonna take us to get to Blowing Rock.I got mine though. After we got to Blowing Rock and checked in, some 15 hours after we started our day, I asked if anyone wanted to go for a ride. The mumbled grunts, furrowed brows, and erect middle fingers gave me a quick answer, but, undaunted, I ventured out to the Blue Ridge for about an hour, just me and the dark parkway. What a ride that was.Yeah, Dr. Suess was right, ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’.

  2. Those are some of the best ride pictures I’ve seen yet. Now there’s a new one for Jeff Foxworthy’s list, “If you build your shed around a big boulder, you might be a redneck…”That first house looks like it’s right out of The Blair Witch Project, and the one with the old car in the yard looks like a scene from Coal Miner’s Daughter. I think my fave is the old rail car – imagine if it could talk the stories it holds about all the people who rode on it when it was in service? How cool would that be? Really awesome. Makes me want to ride so bad I can about taste it. That’s some “God’s country” right there. I saw a lot of crumbling barns and sheds like that when I was up in Maine last summer. This year I need to get some better pictures when I go.This is the one place where riding in a group has a downside to it. I love riding with my friends; I really do. But, I don’t have the freedom (unless I’m leading) to just stop when I see what would be good to take a picture of. This year, I’m going to make a point of going off on my own more often, just so I can see more of what I usually miss. Great post Chessie. You are SO lucky to be able to ride at this time of year.

  3. You got mail… LOL Love the ride it was cool. Several of the pics need to be taken again in late spring so we can see the contrast of change. Loved the ride and the pics!!Pap

  4. Oh Chessie, you’re making me crave riding in VA again. Pullin at my soul. I so want to bring Reno out there so he knows. Thanks so much for the pics and the story.Sweet

  5. Chessie, Those ride pics are beautiful! Fills my soul! Thanks for sharing the ride.

  6. That put the ants in my pants to get rolling again. The roads look awesome in VA. Are you snapping those shots while rolling?Looks like good times for sure.

  7. We were able to enjoy the nice temps here in Alabama this past weekend also. I didn’t do any of what I should have done. I went riding instead. Love the pics! We get up toward Tennessee a fair amount, and it is such a pretty state to ride in. Glad you were out and about! Makes being here worth while.

  8. Drifter, I have yet to have a bad ride…I may have seen some bad stuff, experienced some bad shit, smelled some rotten crap, been zapped by bees, stoped by cops, pelted by hail…you see my point here, it’s never the ride that went bad, it was some shit within the ride…single it out, and it amounts to nothing, why let it ruin a great day?Joker, thank you…Like I said, I was like you until a few years ago…now, what the hell…why be in a hurry to get to somewhere you don’t know, to do something you know even less about, with people who don’t even know ya? Me and my camera love to ride alone…so much more to see and do!Pap, your right! Late spring is a great time to come back through there again! I’ll bet many of the old barns won’t be visible when the grasses start to grow! Besides, I am always dazzled by the emerald greens and brillent colors that come alive during the spring season!Sweets…I don’t blame you sister, I’ve ridden through your neck of the woods…lots-o-corn….Thanks for coming to the blog…and hugs to Reno for me? If you do decide to ride down to KY or Va or even TN, call me…we’ll spend some time on the road…Mimi, I’m glad the pictures lighten your day…that is my goal with them…to add beauty and a sense of wonder…back into a dreary and tired wintered soul.Wayne, let’s hope their only black suger ants…those fire ants really suck…the suger ants just make ya dance…LOL Thanks for coming and enjoying the pictures!Lady Ridesalot, I enjoyed my time in AL when I lived there…I lived in Dothan for a few months, working for Accurate Engineering, man I had some good times with excellent biker people there!

  9. Chessie – Nice blog! Loved the ride and the pics really captured the roots of the area. Kudos!!!smiles,WorldRider

  10. World Rider, coming from you…I am humbled. Thank you, sir…Chessie

  11. >These photos in Virginia are simply awesome!

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