A Great Place to Find Leather for Your Bike!

I would like to introduce you to a gentleman and his wife, who partner together to form an at home business, which caters to the bikers with these high quality leather products.
The man’s name is Drifter, his website is http://www.bikerleather123.com/ . I am encouraging you to click on the link and check out his offerings! I’ve ordered a set of saddle bags from him. I’ve looked high and low for the right look. In fact, it’s been about three years of searching for the exact shape and contour of leather pouches for my over the fender bags.

You see, I’m a diehard fan of the bag of the ass end of the horse look. I want my bags to appear as the kind that belongs to the cowboy riding the range. I don’t need or want any space age designs for air stream slippage, or any of that other fancy talk. My bike isn’t gonna be going 100 miles an hour. Air stream is not one of my major concerns. I want bags large enough to handle my needs. I ride a Sportster. I ride long distances, as if she were a cruiser. I do not have a pillion seat, nor a sissy bar in order to attach the new fangled luggage they have for bikes today. What I do have, is a plain rear fender. A front fender, front forks, and handle bars. All well capable of handling my luggage needs, if only someone would see what it is I want, and design them, then make them available for me to purchase

Well, Drifter, and whoever it is he gets his leather work from, has done exactly that. At least in the form of my saddle bags: not only does he have the design I’m looking for, but dang it…HE HAS IT IN TAN! Now I realize, most if not all of my faithful readers will think to themselves…”Tan?…that’s asking for trouble, tan shows dirt, tan shows grime, tan show…well everything. Exactly my point ladies and gentlemen. I want my leathers to show use. I want to be proud of the miles they have put on with me and my bike. I want them to gain that weathered look that comes with age. I want my leathers to have the age old honor of knowing they are used, they are treasured, but are accepted as a utility item that gains character with use and age.

I don’t have my bags yet. I’m waiting for customs to get done with them. (Due to no fault of Drifter…my bags were stopped at the Canadian border on a shipping transport truck. No, Drifter is not located in Canada, but this particular leather crafter 9for my bags) was. In normal circumstances, we would not be waiting for a delivery from the leather crafter, as he keeps much of what he sells in stock…but because of a defect in the hide (material) that had not been observed upon arrival, Drifter had asked me if I minded waiting a few extra weeks so that he could reorder the bags…this time without the defect? I replied…of course, I won’t need them until the weather warms up enough for me to consider camping and week long outings.

So now, I’m getting excited…anxious to see how they will look on my little sweet honey. Hey check out the pictures of my bags…I really do like em!

Oh hell, they won’t upload to Photobucket…and I’m at my sister’s job covering for her. So here is the link with the picture of my new bags….


7 comments on “A Great Place to Find Leather for Your Bike!”

  1. I’m really surprised you haven’t gone for those wonderful brushed aluminium boxes that make a BMW look so svelte and easy to wheel around.(That IS a joke btw!!!)

  2. A while back in one of your blog entries you mentioned how you dig old motorcycle pics.A bro sent me this link today and I thought that you might be interested in giving it a look-see.http://www.ironwigwam.com/html/pictures.asp

  3. CHAINSAW!!!!!!!! You and your bro have really come up with something to give my soul a big fricken nudge!What a really cool website!Thank you!Chessie

  4. I am at a loss for words…that should tell ya something.Thanks from the bottom of my heart.You’re the best!

  5. Oh by the way everyone…please meet Drifter…or as his Momma calls him: Alex

  6. Chessie, I would love to see pictures of your bike with the new bags on when you get it. I had bags on my Sporty once, and didn’t really like what I had. Still looking for the right pair.

  7. Glad i stumbled upon this blog. Been looking for saddlebags for my sportster. Gonna take a look at what Drifter has. Thanks for sharing.

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