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By: chesshirecat

Mar 02 2009

Category: travel log books


I’ve been on the web looking for a suitable travel log for myself. I was thinking it would be advantageous to keep a log of gas stops, what roads I’ve traveled between gas stops, where I ate, how I found the food, and other thoughts while stopped. Doubt if I will even mention my thoughts while riding. Those are of such a personal nature…if I’m thinking beyond my normal mode of “safety, and what’s going on” around me.

I am going to be taking a lap top with me. A not so expensive “notebook” but…I do not want to be dragging that puppy out every time I stop. It makes sense to have a small notebook, where I can post my gas, the towns I stop at, what I find there, the roads I took to get there, all the hundreds of thoughts and things that are of use to the reader of these kinds of travel logs. Once stopped for the night, then the thing to do is to drag out the laptop and transcribe all the information to the laptop. Perhaps making a blog posting, or perhaps just logging it into a place, where I can go back to it in a day or two and make some kind of honorable mention in a different kind of blog that week. I dunno…

Well now here’s the thing…do I spend time looking for a travel log already made up? Do I draw up my own travel and expense log by using Micro Soft tools…or do I just carry around a blank note book with me…or perhaps one of those journal books. I’m still debating. I think I’ll go check out what they have over at Books a Million. They might have something that will work for my specs. I’m finicky in ways that will drive an idiot even more loony. I know what will work, and what will influence me to keep track of these things better. I’m one of those people who really hates to stop, and even when I do, it’s get the gas and get the heck outta here….That’s changing this season. I’ve decided to slow the hell way down. Take time to actually look around me and enjoy what’s there to be enjoyed.

You know, I’d like to ask you guys…have you seen a good travel log book? Have you designed your own? Do you have any suggestions? I’m not beyone asking for help from the travel weary out here in blog land. Those of you who have done this, or even just thought of doing this, and have found the “perfect” travel logging device for you?

I’m looking for some input here kiddies…boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen…
Like I’ve said, I think I know what I will do, but dang…if anyone has a better mousetrap than the one I’ve been using…I’d like to check it out…and see if it would do the trick for my circumstances…
Thanks y’all


5 comments on “Looking for…”

  1. A lot of people like the Moleskine notebooks. http://www.moleskineus.com/ I have a hard-cover sketchbook, and some of the Cahiers, which are soft and pocket-sized. Most of the big booksellers should have them, including Books-A-Million. I think mine were from either Borders or Barnes and Noble. Can’t fault the quality.

  2. Aside from writing in a notebook or typing into a Blackberry or a laptop, the only alternative I can think of is a digital voice recorder. They are compact and can hold quite a bit. It may be the way to go on the road. Just take it out of your pocket, push the button, say what you want to remember later, and keep going. Later, you can sit and transcribe what you want from it into your computer. Just my .02

  3. In 2006, for my *ahem* birthday, I rode Route 66 across your Country – took 21 days and did 3333 miles on the nose. I had a schedule to keep so it was often awkward taking notes AND photos – apart from which, the weather was pretty varied, and writing things into a notebook in a howling gale in the Mojave wasn’t easy! I wrote a diary up each night from memory, whilst at dinner or before sleep-time, then transcribed it when I got back to England. I know I forgot things, and I wish I had thought of what Joker wisely suggests: the voice recorder. It would have been good for both recording my thoughts in a more spontaneous way (and linking to some of the 600 photos I couldn’t quite identify later!), as well as recording the actual conversations of others.

  4. I don’t think the format of the journal matters as much as carrying a mini stapler with it. When I wrote about places, it was easiest to just pick up a business card or promotional flyer and staple it right into the journal. It makes for a messy lumpy book, but it’s really cool to look at later.

  5. I agree with farcepest – the Moleskines are the way to go. I used one of these around Italy recently – you can stuff it into your camera bag, and rip it out when you want to jot down a quick thought. I personally like the small sized, hard cover, square ruled Moleskines. Maybe because at times in addition to writing a quick note, I’ll sketch something – be it a map, or an idea.Having said that – if you had the voice recorder as well… hmmmm, yep, that would be good.

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