A Biker, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker…Or it’s SPRING!

By: chesshirecat

Mar 23 2009

Category: bakers, bikers, candlestick makers, flowers, Sociology, spring, trees in foliage


Focal Length:6.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5000

Biker, Baker, Candle Stick Maker….

Los Angeles, CA Canters Delicatessen 11 baker sign The candlestick maker at work

What’s in a personal type of identification anyway? How is it we learn to identify ourselves as a member of this societal grouping or that one? Why is it important to us and our feeling of well being?

ladies in distress and their knights to rescue them

Hell I don’t know, when I was in college, I thought to explore these questions once. I never got very far on those questions after I discovered in my Sociology class that this kind of inquiry had been explored by others before me. I’ve read their findings and thought them to be full of shit, so, I guess it’s an easy question to ask, harder to answer, and impossible to understand why the human race even needs to classify who we are, what we do, and where we do it at…in order to accommodate a feeling of well being among ourselves.


All I know, is I’m a biker. I used to be this kind of biker; back in the day…I was about 12 when those days ended.


When I was 14, I became one of these kinds of biker. Cute huh?

spring cleaning

Today however, I’m still a biker, just harder to define. This is me today. It’s cold outside, and I’m covered from head to toe, ready to do battle with Sir Winter. Each year, he forces me to encase my body in more armor to protect myself from his attacks to my joints, mind and body in general.

I don’t think I’m winning the war the old fashioned way. Perhaps I should give in and start using more technology against this foe who never seems to tire in strength, grow old, or weary of beating me up to a near frozen death. I’ve been fighting the heated throttle, heated seat, wind shield, electric vests, socks, new techno fabrics that somehow keep you warm at below freezing temperatures. I still don’t own any of those things, in fact even my gloves are the old standards that were around about the same time as say the Knights of Mid Evil times. Only they aren’t made of steel.


I’m a throwback of what I remember as easier times. At least that’s what I tell myself, and others who ask me “WHY?” Its way too none of your business, that I…as a journalist can’t earn enough money to afford those kinds of benefits. You know how most biker journalists get those cool things? They are asked to write a review on the product. So the manufacturer gives them the product to install, wear, what ever…in order to get a glowing report from the journalist. We pimp ourselves out like your basic street corner whore. I used to do this from time to time, but I’ve discovered I don’t like myself after I’ve done it.

Moona's Peachy Cheeks

So these days, I really don’t get asked to review too much anymore. I kind of regret it when I see pictures like these of myself!

Ahhh, but you know what? I don’t have to worry about it for about six months or so! It’s spring! The clocks have all sprung forward, Astronomical Clock
the bulbous plants have bloomed around here, and some have started to fade already…still waiting for the tulips though…

Tulips Carousel @ Descanso Gardens

it’s getting warmer everyday…I think I’ve seen the last of the single digit numbers for at least six months! So away go the thoughts that plague me during winter, away go the feelings of wistfulness regarding warmth. I get to ride through the forests and watch as the invisible and industrious elves of the woodland dress the trees in buds of glory…I get to watch the young nubile leaves come out and dance in the dappled light of spring. I watch as they mature into their preteens, a wild and undulating dance unleashes their bodies as they salsa in breezes too light or too high for us mere earth bound humans to feel or comprehend their joy of life. Don’t you love spring?


I’ll let you know what I think about summer as soon as it comes around…right now, I’m too busy admiring spring!

Editors’ note: Most all the journalists I know who do this pick and choose the products carefully…so they are not forced to write things that go against the grain of their nature and feelings regarding the product. NOT ALL JOURNALISTS WILL SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT A PRODUCT THEY ABHOR!

(photos 1. Chessie
2. Army Arch
3. Jake Perks
4. Chessie
5. Chessie
6. Extra medium
7. Candy trash
8. Unknown
9. Jeff Kubina
10. Mr. La Rue
11. Bobesh
12. Whisperbee
13. Edward Dullard


9 comments on “A Biker, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker…Or it’s SPRING!”

  1. Another great one Chessie.I admit to having heated grips put on my Springer this past off-season. No type of gloves would keep my fingers from cutting off diplomatic relations with the rest of my body in really cold weather, so I gave in. I do too much early Spring and late Fall riding to want to suffer any more when technology (and $249.95) can help me ride in a bit more comfort. I still haven’t bought a heated jacket liner yet, but that’s next. Blackstone members that have ’em swear by them for making riding in the cold pleasant. I’ll report on it on my blog when the time comes.As far as titles go, it’d be pretty hard to get anything done without knowing who the “baker” was, etc. As far as classifying people into groups, such as Wannabe, Poser, RUB, Independant, Motorcyclist, Biker, Patch-Holder, 1%er, etc, ego and status are just part of us humans being humans. There is always a heirarchy of some kind, and all the analysis in the world won’t change it.I’d just as soon say to hell with all of that, and join you in welcoming Spring! It takes a bit longer to come up my way than it does for you, but I can see the signs already, and I find my over-all spirit improving each day.Bundle up, and ride safe!

  2. Did you take the photo of the tulips?It’s gorgeous!

  3. Julie, No…they were taken by someone who goes by the name “Whisperbee.” Quite lovely aren’t they?

  4. Those are some nice photos, thanks for sharing and putting it together.

  5. Great post and great pics! I love spring. It’s beautiful out here with the desert in bloom. But I sometimes miss all the green back east.

  6. Motorcycle Friend, and Ann… your welcome…when spring hits, it’s my favorite part of the year, but my wonder of the seasons never fade as the year progresses, my perspectives of what I’m viewing and experiencing does!Ann, living in the desert you have a unique perspective on subtle changes of the seasons. I know many people will tell us, “Its desert, what’s there to see?” Oh jessh…the desert is full of many things that will come to life in spring if you go out and look for it…many wildflowers that are so small…but beautiful…I miss spring in the desert, and all the rest of the seasons are as full of interest as spring out there…we all live in places where we get “use” to seeing the “normal” and forget the wonders of the cool beauty all around us. LOL not trying to get harpy here folks, Ann was not saying there is nothing of interest during spring in her part of the world, only that she was missing the huge changes of the east from dormant to waking to full bloom. And I don’t blame her….

  7. May I presume that photo 10 is a homage to The Miller’s Tale? These days, Alison would probably charge and have quite a following……!

  8. Affer! Leave it to you to find that! For those of you not familiar with The Miller’s Tales, they are kinda like the anecdote to the Canterbury Tales. Alison’s ribald love interest in the story wants to kiss her. She shows her disdain for the persistent lover by sticking her ass out a window instead of her cheek as the ardent lover leans in, eyes closed to kiss her…and I think you can figure out the rest…or go look up the story! It’s a great story, and I have enjoyed reading it again all because of dear Affer’s reminder!Chessie

  9. Great post…made me think back to when I use to own a gym…same kind of thing went on there, we had a top ranked power lifter (I won’t say his name) that worked out at our gym. Almost every month some company would send him a product to endorse he would then turn right around a ask me to sell the free product he just received from the company (and I did) he made a great profit and his name would draw people to my gym. (Win, win) but (there is always a but) then a few months later we would see an ad come out in a bodybuilding magazine talking about how this power lifter used this product everyday to get so strong…so don’t feel bad, this go’s on everywhere not just in the motorcycle world.Big Al

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