Back in the Saddle again…almost.

By: chesshirecat

Mar 28 2009

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Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5000

Don’t be afraid to click on the pictures so you can get a better view, they are really cool enlarged!

Hey y’all…
All right, I didn’t take the putor to the putor doc…cuz, well…I have to either have my own money (which I don’t right now,) or I have to ask Jeff if we can afford it this week. We can’t really afford it, cuz my bike needs some work and is in the shop…

But, Jeff…He’s such a handy guy, and patient as hell, gets on the putor, and works on the stuff I tried a few times. He stays with it for about an hour…and gets the putor to find a way around the blockage.

Computer Problems

It won’t last forever, but it will keep me going until I can afford to get things fixed. I have sent this document to a computer at the library to ensure it can be scanned for dangerous bugs…if you see it printed out here, than the equipment at the library says it’s clean….

Green Stink Bug" aka "Green Soldier Bug

I think I might of said something to you guys about a month ago about the saddle bags I ordered. They arrived last week, and I did get them mounted onto the bike.

Not a huge feat by the way…I don’t go for those bags that have bracing mounts attached to the fender and make their way down to the axle…it ruins the clean looks of my bike…and it’s just not for me. I don’t care how well they protect the leather from wearing and becoming misshapen.

Now, I need to tell you guys…when I saw these bags, I suspected they were not actually made for motorcycle use. See the D rings on the front of the bag?

A huge giveaway that this set is made for a horse and saddle rig…rather than a fender and wheels. All the same, it is what I have been looking for. I know I will have to take these to a leather worker here in the Tri-State area to get beefed up to fight the elements and to attach properly to my bike…but to have the look I’ve been searching for (almost 2 years now,) makes it worth while. Not to mention, the price of the bags didn’t set me back too badly, and still won’t after having them beefed.

So here are the bags on the bike before I took the bike in for the work that needs done. Also, included will be a few pics of the slight damage done to the rear turn signal…won’t be hard to spot!

By the way, it’s been raining here since Weds. It’s now Friday, and the weather prognosticators are saying there will be a cold front here late today, with frost in the morning on Sunday. Spring might be here, but it’s not warm enough yet, nor is it dry enough to give me a week long smile…you know the kind…it almost looks like the smile of a quite satisfying love making session…but somehow, if you look closely into the eyes of the affected person, you know it wasn’t a great lover who made them daffy like that…it’s the “other”…

Photo credits: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9 by Chessie
2. “John” @ flickr
3. Ratkimo @flickr


9 comments on “Back in the Saddle again…almost.”

  1. Nice!…gonna have to get that pair for the Drifter..the bike, silly 😉

  2. They really are beautiful looking bags but, maybe they hang just a little low? Probably the average ‘Dobbin’ is a bit wider than a Sportster! But when I think of the state of the old bag I used to have to carry around on the back of my Kawa 1000LTD….still, she bought a car eventually.

  3. Affer, right again my friend. That problem will be addressed when I take the bags to the leather crafter. There are not any adjustment holes in the dobbin to allow me to shorten the bags…and the dobbin is going to be cut away where the lights are! Good eye!Chessie

  4. Oooops…now I’m very embarrassed: ‘Dobbin’ = BritSlang for a horse! Quick…delete these postings, then no-one will know I tried to be too smart!!!!

  5. Your too funny Affer! I will not delete these posts! I made an assumption that dobbin referred to the sling over the fender…again assuming it was a type of Brit slang…I don’t mind blushing a bit over my silliness! The “Dobbin” word was so similar to another word, “bobbin” which is a sewing term, that it made sense to me to call that leather sling a “dobbin”!Well ok…no horsey on that batch…all the same, I think everyone should get a nice little smile about the British and American perspectives on words! Thanks!

  6. Wow…those are great looking saddlebags! I can see why you’ve had your eye on them. Did you take the pix of the bug? Wow…that is beautiful and I actually am a big sissy when it comes to bugs, even in pictures. Have a great week!

  7. You’ll love the bags! I can’t live without saddle bags!I laughed at your first pic. Looks like you and I get ready for a ride the same way, with the trunk of our cars as a “biker butler” so to speak. Hope you get your baby back soon, so we can read about your next adventure.

  8. Alex, you know where to get the bags sweetie, the bike is another story…IH-Girl, no, I didn’t take that photo, that one is by a fella who goes by the name of RatKimo @ I was looking for a familar stink bug to post a picture of, this stink but and it’s back ground colors were so stunning! I’m glad I found it.IH-Girl, I’m just learning how to do Macro type of photowork, and you will be seeing more pictures like these…of my own here as my work becomes better…LOL right now, it’s all a blurred mess!Thank you all for the kind comments on the bags. I am quite pleased with them. They are double stitched in the places they will have the most strain on them, they also have stainless rivets in the corners, again where there will be a good amount of strain once weight is in the bags.Monday will see me heading up to Bristol, where a leather worker resides, and I will haul my bags up to her, and see what she says about beefing up the bags and shortening up the length. I can see there is going to be more work doing that than meets the eye at 1st glance.

  9. Very nice post, lots of details…your yard looks as good and tidy as mine does…lolYou’ll lave these saddle bags once you get them adjusted and fitted right..Cheers

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