Browsing My Saved Pics and Rides…

By: chesshirecat

Apr 28 2009

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Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5000

How would y’all like to see some of the pictures I’ve taken this year…ones that haven’t made it to the blog…or are so far back you need a pick and sledge hammer to dig them up? Well…I think it’s what I’m gonna do…I feel a bit lazy today.

And although I am going for a ride today…it’s something to do while I wait for Mom to get up!

An amazing street sign…yes, I took this picture!

This is a local cemetery near my home…I like small, old cemeteries…

How do you feel about country stores? I love this one…

You can find this store in the little town of Grant in Southern Virginia.

I stop to read as many of these signs as I can. You never know what’s nearby to look at! Take photos of…cool stuff…and it’s FREE!

TN/VA State Line

On this ride…I hit three states…

I saw these sights….

I ran across folks like these….

On other rides, I stop and take pictures of my little girl…at historic places…she is very photogenic

Here she is in front of the National Cemetery in Greeneville TN. where our 17Th President is laid to rest…

Not exactly historic…but it’s cool!

A game of B-Ball anyone? This was taken in a place called “Cool Springs” in NC. A little place that had one church, a graveyard, and three houses at a cross roads. The graveyard has this basketball hoop on it’s edge…

In January, I took this photos of the Covered Bridge near my home…

This fella, provided me with one of my favorite shots…

The countryside is loaded with dams and weirs like this one…providing scenic beauty…and a wonderful resting spot for the weary traveler….

Let’s not forget the country churches…

There is so much more…left for another post!
Thanks for visiting…


13 comments on “Browsing My Saved Pics and Rides…”

  1. I do love your little bike.Big Al

  2. I’ve been feeding on your blog for awhile now and thought I would jump in and say hello 🙂 Wonderful photos, I also like to take pictures here and there when I’m riding. The giant guitar is pretty cool 🙂

  3. Great pics Chessie! Love the National Cemetery in Greeneville TN with the Harley in the foreground!

  4. Such great photos! A little slice of Americana!

  5. Please keep posting these…. love to see your pics!

  6. Very nice. They remind me that I need to stop and look around more often.A b-ball hoop in a graveyard? There’s just something not right with that.

  7. Great Shots – it’s nice seeing someones ride through the lens

  8. Those are some amazing pictures, my favs are the mountains.

  9. Hi everyone…I am not kidding when I tell ya…it don’t suck to be me!1. Al!!!! Sweetie, you know I just love it when a man tells me he likes my “little girl” you’re gaining in points! LOL2. Jovita, I am so pleased to see you starting to feel comfortable enough to leave messages! I enjoy reading the thoughts of others, it’s how I learn…I don’t believe I’m always right…but it helps when my readers prove it to me! LOL Or when they come on and tell me something is making them happy today!3. faceyman, I agree, I love my National Cometary pictures the best as well!4. Miz Kitten, ya shore do know how to give me a big warm smile…your one of my favorite bloggers!5. Swag, I am honored you would say something like this…I will post some more…it’s going to rain the rest of this week and digital cameras don’t like being submerged in water. so while I maybe riding, I won’t be taking the camera out so much.6. Willy, you know…that’s the whole purpose of my writing and my pictures. I really want people to enjoy their surroundings. You know, you really don’t have to go far to find good things you were missing…and didn’t even know were there!7. Two Wheel…wow…I like the wording you used. It’s what I’m trying to do…but it never came to my mind to say it quite that way…I LIKE it!8. Motorcycle Friend, you know the mountains are so often the hardest to capture. Their majestic colors often fade and wash out through the lens…they are beautiful…our mountains!

  10. I got 1 you might want to fling in there cjeck mail LOLNeat Pics Gal Where is the barn with the rock wall?One of my Favs… Pap

  11. I loved the Virginia-Tennessee one!

  12. nice , nice pics, thx….anthony , italy. ciao

  13. Nice website. I liked the old country store. There is a really cool one not that far away in Valle Crucis, NC. (I live in Elizabethton)

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