Waterfalls….more beauty…

By: chesshirecat

May 19 2009

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Focal Length:6.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5000

Please, Don’t forget to click on the pictures to receive the full benefit of the beauty of the falls and countryside…..

I went riding again today…Life is hard to get any better than when I can throw a leg over my bike and put in a day that let’s me see 167.8 miles pass under my wheels…and of course….this ride was to discover waterfalls.

These photo’s are from a place in Stony Creek TN. at a place called Blue hole. It’s a local swimming hole, and once you get off the paved road you find yourself on a hard packed gravel road…for about 1/8 mile… then you walk through the woods on this little trail…and down these steps…

I’m gonna back out and let y’all check out this really cool place.

OK, Then I continued up to my new friend’s campground…you all remember Windy…with the really cool Nortons? He, his neighbor and I will be going out for the long awated photo shoot of the Norton! I found the place to go and do it at too!

Are you ready for the second set of falls? Here we go!

I know, over exposed…and my PC with photoshop on it is still be repaired….these next few shots are of a Fall on Route 221 in NC between Blowing Rock and Linville.

This next fall is at an entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is Just before you hit Grandfather Mountain…my favorite waterfall…and I think this is where I am going to have the photo shoot for the two Nortons…what do you guys think?

And the final waterfall….is on RT 194. Isnt’ this a freaking great waterfall? Fell in lust…I want this in my backyard.

Please come back again…I’m still exploring the area…so full of waterfalls. I’m going to be spending this weekend there… Friday, Saturday, and leave Sunday afternoon for home…I can’t wait for the ride to come…I just so love to ride…and the great beauty of my beloved Dixie…brings me to tears sometimes….


16 comments on “Waterfalls….more beauty…”

  1. It is very beautiful there! Being so flat here in Florida, we don’t really have waterfalls. Nowhere to fall from πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful shots, Chessie.There is certainly not that much water moving in the Texas Hill Country.

  3. Fabulous pics as always!

  4. Very nice shots. Once again I’m jealous of all the beautiful places you get to ride to!

  5. The tree growing out of the rock on the first pic is really neat. That tree has had a tough life. Great pics fun ride !!

  6. You really are in a great place to ride. I’ll have to see if I can’t dig up some of the waterfall shots I’ve taken in the past. Thanks Chesshirecat

  7. Did you have a swim? I would imagine it’s still icy this time of year, but would be wonderfully refreshing in July or August. I doubt whether you’d be able to take all those photos sans people then.

  8. Fantastic pics, I can imagine playing in those waterfalls. Have a fantastic time this weekend…

  9. Great photos! I love riding in Tennessee. Every year I try to get to the Honda Hoot in Knoxville.

  10. What a beautiful area! This is my kind of country.

  11. Beautiful countryside and great photos Chessie. (It’s taken me three days to read to the end, as all that rushing water kept making me go to the……)

  12. Great pics! I love stopping and looking at water of any kind. Not only does it look beautiful, I love to hear the sound that water makes while moving through nature. Very peaceful and meditative. Thanks for letting us see these great falls. I hope your weekend is a nice one. Ride on!

  13. I love your photos – they are FABULOUS! I will follow just so I can see more. Stop on by if you have time – http://sandi-k-blogspot.comKeep the shiny side up!

  14. Great Pictures as usual. Not much water here in Iowa except when its rolling down main street about 6 foot deep! You are blessed to be able to ride in such beautiful areas! Keep up the photos shoots! Buf

  15. I want to thank you all for your comments on this pictorial. I believe most of us see water as more than refreshing…we also see it as a renewal, a rejuvenation of our souls or our minds. It’s easy to view water as a cleaning agent…the force of waterfalls with their clean white air bubbles at the base of their fall…the roar of the water as it scrubs at the rocks and sand trying to block it’s path to where ever it is urgently trying to get to. The patient erosion of the path the water takes…we only have to look at the Grand Canyon for that example…steady goes the force of time…the force of nature…and we admire steady…we admire the forces of nature, and we are in awe of what something so pliant as water can and will do with time…always time…do we have the kind of time water has? No, not as individuals…but as family…we do… Thanks for coming…Chessie

  16. awesome lady, simply awesome. Wish my Sportster wireing problem and seat were done already. I know there are a lot of travel guides out there already but you could do one just for us scooter people.

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