Road Trip, Las Vegas and Hughes Lake Loop

By: chesshirecat

May 28 2009

Category: Hoover Dam, Lake Hughes, Las Vegas, Pine Canyon Road, The Rock Inn


Focal Length:13.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5000

I just found some old pictures on my computer. You know the one that I’ve been talking about for weeks. I knew I had some pretty good photos on here, but most of them I had forgotten…it’s been since summer of ’06 since I’ve seen them. But now I have them…I figure why not share them with you here…they are

On the back of my back here…was all my worldly possessions back in the summer of 05. I left Florida with less than you see here to start a life out in CA. This was my first glimpse of the Mojave Desert… Lancaster CA. What a view… I fell in love all over again.

The vastness of the desert never ceased to cause me awe… and this picture is on a road between the town of Mojave and Barstow…off of old highway 58.

On this trip, I was going to visit my friend Pappy in North Las Vagas… we had such a great time…

We stopped at a few local sites of intreast along the way… a whore house here and there….

And yes…he is…. “SO SEXY” Our nest stop…. The short Branch Saloon where Pappy bought me a long sleeved shirt…I still have it… It’s one of my favorite T-Shirts….

An outdoor party area at the Short Branch… look at all the green in the desert… it amazed me!

Back in Las Vegas…

The Harley Davidson Cafe…

Pappy and his steed at Hoover Dam…

Pappy, leading the way with his “hotrod”… we really had such good fun that day…

Me… and Pappy’s sweetheart… photo op in front of the Hoover dam. You know there was a family who asked if they could take pictures of them standing with Pappy’s bike? It was funny…one gal even climbed on without permission…now that wasn’t funny….

Later we stopped at one of Pappy’s favorite hangouts… this is me in the dark…

Of course all good things end, and my time in Las Vegas did too. I later took a trip up to the mountians and took a long loop ride… first stop… The Rock Inn up at Lake Hughes….

I spent a weekend, camped across the street from the Rock Inn getting to know the regulars…it was a very good time!

But again…I’m on Pine Canyon Road, heading north west…

Higher and higher into the mountians we climbed…me and my little girl….

You find the coolest spots where you least expect to… high in the mountians…next to a babbling brook in the desert of CA.

Looking down into the valley…at the road I had just traversed…. cool view…

In the hills above Santa Monica…. what a ride this was …. I was so fricken happy to have had this experience…

Coming back down out of the mountians and back near the coast… I found this place…

I’m calling it a day with this trip now… I have more to show you…hope you like what you’ve seen so far…


6 comments on “Road Trip, Las Vegas and Hughes Lake Loop”

  1. aw man i was gettin into that, I’m waiting for the rest…….! (LOVE IT)

  2. Great post and pictures…I see you’ve been to the important places in RENO.Show us more…lol

  3. Great pics and story, keep ’em coming!

  4. beautiful pics, even of you in the dark πŸ™‚ what a fantastic journey that must have been!!!

  5. You leave me hungry for more! The mood was set immediately when you talk of leaving… with all your worldly possessions and head across country for a new life. Whoooooa! I got goosebumps!And the absolutely beautiful pics to go with it… Icing on the cake! :)Thanks again for taking me on a virtual vacation without even leaving my chair. I can’t wait till I can see what happens next.Write on sista!Lady R

  6. I remember both ends of that ride. Come back any time!!! A trip to Pioneer and Mt. Charleston would be in order. A day to Red Rock or Valley of Fire all would be very photogenic rides. Great rides to add to your ever growing great day ride trips in your book of “Life on 2 Wheels”.

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