Any Day is a Good Day If You Have Your Motorcycle Under Ya!

By: chesshirecat

May 29 2009

Category: Dark Skies, Doctors, old barns, Rain


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I returned today from the doctor with my mother. It’s her Internal Med. Doctor… the one who co-ordinates the rest of the specialists in my mom’s life. This Doctor is the hub of Mom’s health care…and she’s a really nice, caring doctor. I enjoy seeing this one with mom.

Today however, we got some bad news. The pain and weakness Mom has been experiencing in her legs and lower back are from her discs compressing. Nothing to be done about it, Mom’s pre-existing medical conditions preclude ANY kind of surgery…not that I would allow her to go under the knife with her back…I’m sorry…but I don’t think the back is somewhere knives belong…they just don’t know enough.

So that means, when Mom is feeling really bad and needs to be somewhere…I will be there to be the driver…more than ever now…well…it’s why I came here to TN. and it will serve me well to remember that.

I woke up this morning to gray skies…by the time Mom and I got home around 11:45…the skies had blued up and sunshine was paid out for us common folk around here…nice to see. I didn’t get done at home until 12:30…by that time it was clouding up again…I don’t care…I have to get out and ride.

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I climb into my chaps…pack my leather jacket into my “Bandit’s Bedroll” and head off to see Jeff at Kyrstal’s. I tell him I’m heading out for a few hours, most likely heading south west toward Pigeon Forge, I was hoping to catch up with Judy…a fellow blogger from the GA. Area I believe.

She was there for a morning meeting and a nice ride over the weekend back home. I missed her, and I didn’t get much farther than Greeneville again. It was already getting late by the time I hit Greeneville…so I turned down some roads in that area I hadn’t been down before…and it was grand. By the way…by this time, I had ridden in and out of some pretty cold rains…but I was to see even more on the long way home tour…

Time to see what’s up around here my friends…love these days of cool rains, (no, I don’t have a rain suit…) Come see what I saw today.

This is an old train station…in Chucky TN. I’m laughing…never would have thought Chucky would have a town named after him! (He don’t but I need to find out more about why it’s called “Chucky”.)

You think this barn matches my bike?

An old bank in Chucky… I’m still giggling over that name!


10 comments on “Any Day is a Good Day If You Have Your Motorcycle Under Ya!”

  1. Chessie, great pics and story! Love the old train station in Chucky, TN! Old barn & bike look good too! Hope things work out ok with your Mom.

  2. Love the riding posts. Makes me feel like I was there with you instead of cooped up in my office all day. Sorry to hear about your Mom, hope all is well with her and you can work something out to ease her pain.

  3. I’m such a sucker for stuff like this and you make them all so inviting. There is an old train station in the old Part of Norcross Georgia much like that one. It’s been made into a restuarant (great food) and yes, when the trains roll by the place swells with the whole experience. The station is still on the same spot it has always been. Check it out sometime.

  4. Hey girl! so sorry we didn’t get to meet up- looks like you had a great ride too. We got to see some neat areas and got a sprinkling of rain, just enough to wet the windshield good.we’ll have to plan another trip up this way so we can all get together and go for a day the way, I love your red bags… makes your bike even more unique!

  5. I’m happy to see that you were able to get out for a ride after caring for and supporting your mom with her medical needs. I think that was a fantastic way to end the day. Bravo Chessie, and beautiful pics as always.

  6. My best wishes to your mom as well. Love all the pics, and the Las Vegas ones below too. I’m still trying to figure out how you stacked all that stuff up and got it to stay on with no sissy bar. Your resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me.One question though, if a lady gets married in that town, does that mean she’s the Bride of Chucky???

  7. Well wishes to your mother! Hope things work out for the better. Your post is very sweet!

  8. good wishes to you and your mom as well. Greta post, story and pictures as usual .BTW the old Barn and your Bike were made for each other.

  9. Great pics again! The old Bank building, with it’s corner door, reminded me of some old buildings back in my hometown of Dubuque, IA. As a little girl, I was fascinated with them because they were so different than other buildings. I remember thinking those places were special. Sorry you had rain to accompany you, but it looks like you had a nice ride in spite of it.Hope your Mom fairs well through everything, and I’ll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Lady R

  10. Great post. I like the fact that in Chucky the flag still flies at the old bank.

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