A Few Thoughts…

By: chesshirecat

Jun 03 2009

Category: Natchez Trace, Red River Gorge, Summer plans, West Virginia


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Camera:FinePix S5000

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It’s June already. I’ve so much left to do. So many dreams for this summer…and I haven’t gotten to them yet. It’s a bit of a disappointment to me. Every month, a plan gets knocked down…put off to the side…because something comes up from the depths of some black hole to swallow up the spare money we have set aside for me to ride. Or, something comes up that needs to be done. Something that wasn’t planned for. Or my computer dies…or… yeah, you get the idea.

<img style="cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_jHZowZo8vyc/SidA1lqRopI/AAAAAAAABKo/CzJKCaHL8DI/s320/DSCF3425.JPG" border="0"

I had planned to have my ride of the Natchez Trace in the bag by the end of May. Didn’t happen…and I don’t think it will happen this year after all. Why? Because it is a week long ride…and that requires more money…and other things are popping up all over…I am starting to see…I shouldn’t plan on any ride…I should just take it when the time opens up or the money is there….

I have some really good news. Because of a reader, I have been invited to attend a tour by the Tourism Board of West Virginia. It will be a five day tour, and we will be treated to many cool roads, sights, and events…all geared toward the motorcycle traveler. West Virginia is beginning to realize the potential of the motorcyclist’s tourist dollar. Now let’s not forget the amount of history West Virginia has…or how about the twisty roads of the Appalachian Mountains. The Red River Gorge…I am very excited about riding in West Virginia…with 11 other of my fellow journalists. It will be quite the honor actually.

I want to get on my bike and ride miles…many, many miles. I don’t know how people stay in one place for years at a time. I have never had a job that held me in one place for more than 18 months.

I’ve always had to keep on moving…beyond the boredom of the known…into the excitement of a new place, new people to learn, new job skills…or…using the skills I already had…to impress and make a reputation for myself…allowing me to go anywhere in the state…and getting good money for the skill set I offered. But I never stayed long…12 months was about the average. It’s now been since 1999, that I’ve had a full time job where I put in time for someone other than myself. I love what I’m doing now…I don’t make much money…but I am able to have the things I need…and that’s a happy thing.

I don’t know where this is gonna take me ten years from now…but I’m hoping I will be riding, writing, and loving the same people in my life…


7 comments on “A Few Thoughts…”

  1. Great post Chessie! I'm sure you will be riding, writing, and loving the same people in your life! Awesome news on the Tour invite! That Rocks!

  2. You never have a bad post~I love this because you are spilling out of your heart! Can't wait to see and hear about your tour. Thanks for taking us on your journeys….

  3. Where is the cemetary Marilyn? It looks like Grindstaff Cemetary where Jerry is buried. Ladeedi

  4. As always, great post Chessie! While getting to the end of this post, I thought back to a TV show I watched as a kid and there was a closing song by a man named Tommy Hunter, the chorus kind of describes the biker way:I am a travelling man, following the breezeTravelling here, travelling there, Gathering memories,So let me, wander, Let me wander all my life awayJust a travelling on my way,Just a travelling on my way!

  5. Thanks for opening up here.I'm a newer rider myself and find inspiration. I'm trying to find $$ and time to ride, too. Good to know I'm not alone.

  6. Great post Chessie…very exciting to read.. You sure is adventurous and not afraid to try to remain independent…wish I had your guts.

  7. Story of my life… everytime I start to get ahead something breaks! Haha That's the beauty of the day ride though. A lot my best rides have been under an hour.

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