12 Hours, Riding in the Mountains of N.C.

By: chesshirecat

Jun 07 2009

Category: Covered Bridge Days, Linville Falls NC, Morganton Loop ride, Navtive American Fest, Wood Carving


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I can’t think of a better way to spend the day!
I left around 9:45 on Saturday, June 6th…and my new adventure began. First I stopped at Sycamore Shoals Park for the Native American Weekend celebration going on there. It opened at 10 AM. I arrived as they started receiving people for admission. Just before arriving at the reconstructed colonial fort, a table is set with two people to collect the $4.00 admission fee. I could have just circled the fort and come in the back way for free…but why? It was not expensive…I could manage…I have (had) $40.00 for my travel budget this week…and while that’s not a landfall of money…it’s enough.

I’ve paid my dues and the first tent I come upon a group of stone knappers. Using tools from the Ancients, these guys were in the process of shaping knives, spear heads and scraping tools. Check out these guys!

From stone Knapping Ride

A completed Spear Head

There were many exhibition tables, but I’m only going to show you the things that didn’t remind me of “TOURIST TRADE ITEMS” Per say… The rest is art in my opinion.

Native American Woodcarving:

There were people in authentic dress

And a cool display of “waupum”…. this guy covered the American Indian Currency from the earliest known times…pretty intresting to me.

I stayed for the Native Flute playing…then climbed on my gal and headed for the Covered Bridge Days in downtown Elizabethton TN.

There was plenty to see with the celebration of our Covered Bride Days… they closed down old Downtown

And had a party…

But leaveing there was easy…I had a nice long ride ahead of me. Heading out on SR 19E past Roan Mountain…into North Carolina…I make several road changes until I find myself on SR 181 South… It’s here at Jonahs Ridge I get on the Blue Ridge Highway…heading north. First stop… Linville Falls Campground… I take the “easy trail” to the falls. This is the trail the Moms and Dads with small kids take. I have found, I’m much too friendly with my couch lately. This was a tough trail…I rested often.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Linville Falls:

Leaving the Falls…still heading North on the Blue Ridge…Horses…

Did someone say STEER?

And a Grandview:

Historic MT. Jefferson:

Tom Dooley was buried somewhere here off of Mountain View Road…damn if I know where I was though….

My girl posing with Tom Dooley.

Fueling up…

I came across so many of these old pumps…most of the pictures didn’t come out well…I’m going back to do a “Gas pump” Pictorial….so cool!

I just liked this old building…

I’m outta here kids…
Let me know if you enjoyed the ride…

Oh and before I forget… Do not take NC 90. It’s a really cool road, I loved it…right until the paved road ended…and went to graded… I checked the map, saw I could go to Blowing Rock on the graded road…and thought “What the heck?” Well I’ll tell you what the heck… you get a half mile up that grade…and it turns into almost straight up…with gullies… and four wheeled traffic zooming at ya from everywhere… my wheels were sliding about…and I could only go 6 MPH… My butt was tired of playing sucker fish to the saddle… I turned around and found another way… Adako Road to NC 181… man oh man… my ass hurt when it realized it could let go of the saddle….

9 comments on “12 Hours, Riding in the Mountains of N.C.”

  1. Wow nice ride gal wish I was on it. I have been on that covered bridge. I got a Mntn Troll at a fair not far from there. Will send you a pic here in a couple minutes. Thanks fo the hike to the falls. Hehehehe good for your heart.Pappy

  2. Oh!oh! here we are… Love Native American Fest…The problem is I would have spend all day! Beautiful photos and words… Am I finally issin the East? I know I am… it is just a matter of getting there…Be well… Ara & Spirit

  3. Oh ChessieI envy your rides in TN and NC. How I miss the mountain twisties. FL is so so flat! Love Linville Falls. There are so any of those old gas pumps out in the country – that would make an awesome photo essay. Can't wait to see it. Ride free.

  4. One day I would love to ride through that part of the country, thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

  5. Chessie I do declare you manage to take some of the coolest pictures! I loved the grandview overlook, but by far the one that blew me away was the old Gulf station. That looked like a still from one of those post-apocalyptic movies about survivors struggling in what's left of America after "the big one." The only thing I can't figure out is that old pump. You've got to admit it's in a weird spot. I keep trying to picture how a big old '63 Chrysler Imperial would pull up to it and I can't – seems like the building and the sign post are both in the way. Still, really cool though, especially the greenery encroaching on the building. As always, thanks for the virtual ride.

  6. Beautiful and breathtaking pictures!! I love the pictures you post…I wish we had interesting things like that here…or if they do, I should get out and find them.Beautiful artwork and I just commented on @Faceyman's blog about how I love bridges! That covered bridge is awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing – I love coming across events like this – we have a local working historic farm that usually has coloniel days and I think I am going to make it a point to get there. Thanks for sharing

  8. I just love coming here and reading and viewing. You always have just the thing for getting out of a blue state of mind.

  9. Howdy Chessie, Just stumbled upon your site and had a flashback of your NC ride; my stomping grounds for most of my life and still is today. I would love to add you to my friends site and ask if you would inform me of any other NC riding info you might be privy to.Temp location hosting… http://www.geocities.com/soberbonesxxx/soberbonesxxx_friends.html Also while reading your posts, I was reminded of a book written by the wife of Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous fame, Lois Wilson. Have you read "A Diary of Two Hobo's"? Great read for a trip on a Harley in the old days, break downs and all. Best wishes and keep the rubber side down; I'll look forward to hearing from you soon!BonesXXX

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