Lost, Found, ah Heck With It…

I’m not going riding today, I’m kinda on the broke side…all is well, I do have things to do here at home…you know the mundane house mouse kind of stuff that keeps our hard working men happy, our homes almost sparkly, and did I mention our men happy? I love my man…I’ll do it! House mouse for a day… right after I play with the blog! (I love ya Jeff….)

I was conducting a search of my photos on this PC. It’s the one that cost so much to “fix”…and I only did it so I could save my pictures. I started downloading them to Picassa. For some reason, I’m unable to use my DVD player to burn after the guy “fixed” my PC. I don’t wanna go there folks… it’s not worth going to jail over…

Anyway…I like these pictures of my time in Daytona with some of the crew from Accurate Engineering and some other characters you will most likely recognize. It was one of the last great times I ever had at rally…

Well here we go….
When I got there, I met up with my buddy, Rogue, from Biker Magazine…we were to catch up with a band he was promoting heavily… The Charlie Brechtel Band.

They had four rooms over at some dump hotel…which was more than me and half of the people I met that day had…so by the time it was all said and done…the four rooms were sleeping at least four people…more often there were at least six or seven sleeping every where…the band mates had the beds, the rest of us crashed where ever there was floor space…

The guys in the band were the house band for Kick Stand City… Something The Chip had cooked up for camping in the infield of Daytona Speedway… what a cool idea… great fun! This is what it looked like the first day though…empty…like a ghost town…

The band did their sound check for the day… and we all jumped on our bikes and headed out looking for trouble…well at least we found lots of great things to do!
Our bunch included Rogue, (Pictured here with a gal who came down from Milwaukee, but dang if I can remember her name right now…)

Here is Barry Wardlaw, the builder of the “World’s Fastest Panhead Engine”… also the builder of the famous Outlaw 120 Panhead Engine that so many of the big named bike builders put in their bikes…

This is my dear friend BeeB….

I’m not gonna go through the list… it was too large… so here are some of the pictures that are really too cool to just sit in Picassa without being admired.

This is the Barry Wardlaw signature series Outlaw 120 Panhead….

The engine sits here…in a Covington Bike….

Mr. Covington, Bill (a member of our entourage) and Barry Wardlaw…

Two proud builders admiring the handy work of each other!

Here is an example of the genius that is Barry Wardlaw…. and yes, it cranks, runs, and will haul your ass anywhere ya wanna go… it is in a tribute bike to Indian Larry.

Keno, Barry and the Tribute Bike…

Barry and the crew from Indian Larry’s….

We also ran into Michael Lichtner

Billy Lane was doing his First Blood Sweat and Gears Show….

We found Sam Morgan and her Wall of Death as well as… oh hell what’s her name? GOTH GIRL! Weird lady….

Man I have sooo much more…but this is it for now…

Hope y’all like what ya see…..


10 comments on “Lost, Found, ah Heck With It…”

  1. Oh…YES!!! I gotta show this to my Doctor who keeps urging me to diet…!!!!

  2. Couple a beautiful bikes there!

  3. makes me wanna ride and hang out

  4. Chessie, i just got home and parked bob for the night. and after looking at your pics i just want to roll out and ride into the night. great pics! i was surprised to see goth girl, she's local!! and that pic of billy, that looks as if he was looking straight at you, wow.

  5. mq01, Billy and I knew each other. I've spent time on Sunday morning with him and friends at his closed shop…I lived in the Melbourne area for many years….Baron…everyone is welcome…we ride…we meet up with friends and hang…

  6. Great pics & chronology of events.

  7. Morning Bikermomma, great story I’m looking forward to the next one. Jamestown reminds me a lot of Natchez Mississippi (I hope to do a story on Natchez soon) well keep up the GREAT BLOG!!!!!Big Al

  8. Hmmmmmmm lets try this again…I got to lay off the crack pipe before it try to post a comment. Ha-ha. What I was trying to say to YOU before I posted Bikermomma to your link. Great photos!!! The girl that you could not remember her name…I think I know her too from somewhere, but I can’t remember where.Keep up the good workBig Al

  9. "Hope y'all like what ya see….."Are ya kiddin' me? Abso-freakin'-lutely I like what I see! Hot bikes, hot bitches 'n hot bikers. What ELSE would anyone wanna drool over/look at?

  10. Fantastic stuff Chessie! I can see that you Yanks are pretty much the same as us down here in South Africa at rallys. I am a big fan of the late, great Indian Larry and those bikes are way far out. Great pics.

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