A weekend Chalk Full of Riding, Family, and Friends…

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My sister and her squeeze were going riding on Saturday. Somehow they were aware of what is known locally as “Trade Days”….a festival put on by the town of Trade, with Profits from the festival going to improve and expand the Trade Community Center and Park.

Trade is a community with the distinction of being the Easternmost community in the state of Tennessee. I’m a might bit confused because their web site also claims Trade to be the oldest community in Tennessee…I always thought Jonesboro held that distinction…oh wait, maybe Jonesboro is the oldest TOWN in Tennessee? Trade is unincorporated.

Oh hey, you remember the photos I took of Tom Dula‘s historical marker in Wilkes County NC?….

It seems that Tom Dooley (remember, that’s how the folk song memorializes him…guess it rhymed better than Dula…) Oh off track here…but Tom ran to Trade to hide out…he was suspected of killing his fiancee…the posse caught up with him in Trade, dragged him back to face trial in North Carolina, convicted and hung…poor Tom Dooley…hang your head….

Well anyway…Sis, Carter (Sis’s Mr.)and I climbed on our bikes…His>>>>a really nice Moto Guzzi…I was charged with getting pictures…but somehow…the bike managed to escape the lens of my camera…me bad….

Sis and her MR. live up Stony Creek off of RT.91…so we pulled out of their driveway heading North on 91 to Shady Valley and RT 421…or the Snake…


riding the Snake into Mountain City…and beyond…we made our way to Trade…and the Trade Days location.

We rode around the parking lot, settling on a place near the entrance of the lot…not realizing…the entrance to the event was a bit more up the little lane…we could of parked right close to the entrance…with the bikes…ah well, this couch potato needs the walk anyway…but lord…it was hot…in the low 90* and that is hot for this part of the mountains…

Once inside, we found a grist mill….

An actual working mill…you can go inside and watch the mill as it works….
Or you can walk up a slight incline to the place where the Native American Pow Wow is going on…choose a meal from the half dozen or so vendors

…and watch or participate in the show put on by the troupe of Native Americans gathered for the Pow Wow festivities…

Of course there were you regular vendor types selling “native American” souvenirs…flutes…weaves…wood carvings…but I’d seen and done all that stuff before…and so have you…I just left them for others…

After eating, we walked about the venue…saw what there was to see…and climbed back on the bikes…I was hot, I wanted to ride home…it was time to start dinner for Mom and my MR…. I took RT. 67 home…making a loop ride of it, while my sister and her MR. returned the way we came…

Another good day in the dust…and memories are golden… Thanks for inviting me Di…

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16 comments on “A weekend Chalk Full of Riding, Family, and Friends…”

  1. I sit here in my office wishing I could be out there seeing what's out there. I can't yet do that, but at least I can see the south through your eyes. Thanks ~C~!~V~

  2. beautiful. i love working mills and mines. such great history….

  3. I think it so awesome that you and your sister ride! Unfortunately none of my family rides which is a shame b/c it would be fun to plow the roads with them. Luckily I have two sons that will be riding in a few years! The best part of wheel is that it's still operational.

  4. Love your posts. Beauty and info can always be found. It's not about you but about the ride. True biker.

  5. Did you mill any wheat or oats?Lets build some bread.Pap

  6. Glad you had a good ride. I put some miles on my Harley up here in Ohio, too, over the weekend.I do have a question. In your one photo from the Pow Wow, What's cookin'?

  7. What's cookin????? GATOR BITE…YUMMY STUFF TOO!

  8. fantabulus pics!

  9. Great pictures, as always! 🙂

  10. That cast iron pot o' meat made me hungry! Congrats on the "blog of note!" I've really enjoyed reading so far.

  11. good stuff mam!!!

  12. i like your's post

  13. Wow! the working mill is so cool. I love water wheels. I could just sit there and watch them forever. So, how many mi. was that little jaunt? When you're riding on those twisties it sure doesn't work the way a crow flies; and when you get done, you have that same sort of awww shucks feeling that you get when a roller coaster ride is over.

  14. What I wouldn't do to be out on the road rather than sitting here waiting to spray the next round of clear on my buddy's fender that got wrinkled last weekend. Great pictures. Evo from gogocycles.com

  15. Wow, we always wanted to just ride and explore. Cool blog.

  16. Such a beatiful place,and food,,i like

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