Sunday’s ride…with Paul Cox….

My long time readers know…I don’t ride well with others anymore…but a week or so ago…a guy I talked to up in Mountain City TN contacted me on my email…asked if I wanted to ride…he was headed to Cherokee Lake, I’ve never really spent any time in that area, so…yeah, I’ll ride…I’ll ride anywhere…

This is Paul…we were on a 2 lane country road, and I love getting shots of friends and riding buddies as we make our way down the road…here Paul and I were moving a clipping pace of about 55 to 60 MPH….Paul was a good rider to hang the day with…

This is a map of our ride…a good day of riding…and while I didn’t stop to get all the pictures I would have if traveling alone, I did manage to get a few shots of interest.

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I’ve seen postcards with this barn, and my brother’s train club has a scene with it as well….

Here is a great photo of Cherokee Lake…many people will recognize where this view is at…RT. 25 South, coming out of the mountains to the north…I really like this view…

We crossed over a bridge, as I was looking off to my left, I noticed a dam…

I turned off to get shots of the dam…and was kinda side tracked by this…an old time Baptist baptism….

When the dunkin was over….out came the accordion…. Now we gather at the riiiiiver…..

I was wondering…would the water rise suddenly? Of course nothing of the sort happened….

There was so much more to the ride…but I just couldn’t stop everywhere I would have if I were riding alone…I’m going back on this route again…you will love some of the stuff I didn’t get…I want to show you what I saw…
But for now…this is what we have…I hope you enjoy the photos…

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25 comments on “Sunday’s ride…with Paul Cox….”

  1. First time reader of your blog. You certainly have some beautiful country out there. One day I'm going to have to point my bike that way to see what there is to see.Thanks!Jim

  2. Hey, love the lake pic and the baptism…But your friend's bike, hello….I'm not an engine buff, but that looked 'sweet'! (I've had alot of advertisers in my comments also) Uh-No! I'm gonna go stare at that bike some more!

  3. Looked like a fun ride

  4. LOL the pic of the sign at the baptism is great.

  5. Great photos as always…Did I mention I work for AT&T and you should buy the “I phone”…Ahhh the “I phone” the greatest phone on earth…you need to run to my web site at…Ha-ha just pulling your chain a little Chessie…I’ve had a few people try to advertise on my site too….HATE IT!!!!Your buddyBig Al

  6. nice fotos! and nice ride

  7. Great pic of the lake! Looks like it was a good ride!

  8. Chessie, That looked like a fun ride. It reminded me alot of the roads/rides we have here in NW Arkansas. Good riding and lots to see.Thanks,John

  9. Great pics Chessie, and congrats on making Blogs of note – well deserved, I love your riding area, really beautiful scenery.

  10. Love the pictures, the baptism was especially revealing.

  11. Hmmmm. I reckon its safe to say that Angel just ain't livin' up to his/her name, huh? ;-)Love the pics…especially the ones of the baptism (gee, ain't it good to know that folks actually take heed of danger signs?)

  12. Great ride post. I loved the baptism pics. Re: the ad placed on your blog? I've had that happen too. I just delete them. It's easier than moderation in my opinion. It's only happened once or twice anyway. (knocking on wood right now as I type).

  13. Beautiful view of Cherokee Lake!! I love it! And I've always loved shots of a dam, for some reason. After my first trip to Deal's Gap and seeing a dam up close, I seem to have a slight fascination about them. Great opportunity with that baptism…what are the odds?How did you get the shot while riding? Do you have a camera mount? Or just talented enough to get it and not drop the camera? 🙂

  14. great post as usual. and congrats on blog of note. im with partygurle, im wondering how you get those fantastic shots… beautiful chessie.

  15. Great post! It is amazing the things you can come across.I too had a period where I was getting spammed in my comments section. They were all Viagra type ads. Anyway, they went away after a few weeks.

  16. Greetings from Sweden! Good to see your pictures. I am going to check out your older posts to see more.I have been riding a bike in your beatiful country a couple of times. Utah, Colorado and Florida. Great Views, Great People, Great Times.Keep up the good work.

  17. I just ran across your blog in the Blogs of Note section of blogspot. I read your last two blogs and loved them. Kudos to you for loving and living life. You are doing what I hope to do oneday. Keep it up, you have a new fan. Blessed riding to you.-Steebo

  18. love this pic so bad..

  19. Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July….

  20. I knew I would rue the day I had to start moderating this blog…I just accidently "rejected" my friend's comment….so Ara and Spirit, I copied what you wrote…and I'm pasting it here…I am SO SORRY…"I for sure second the I Phone idea, specialy after their last software release. I could not live without it really…Ah! Riding "not" alone!~When and if it ever happens I jusy know I will not take photos that day, why even try… Would have loved being at the Powwow… Well, all is looking and feeling great…Thanks for showing me what use to be my backyard…Be well, always.Ara & Spirit "

  21. Love the pictures, the baptism was especially revealing…

  22. Hey Chessie, I love your pictures. They are amazing. I am glad that you blog. The accordian picture was a plus and brightened my morning. Thanks!Bethany J. Fitch

  23. The water downstream from a dam could rise suddenly if they need to open a gate. A lot more water would then be released, causing the river to rise and gush. There ya go.

  24. Super blog,well done. Not the morally ideal spot for the baptism,methinks. The PFD instruction on notice unheeded.I know they have a pal on high,but,can they read?

  25. Nice pictures.

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