Historic Auto Attractions, Roscoe IL. Part II of Many….

If you recall, I last left you…my esteemed readers, in the Gangster Room…with Mr. Al Capone’s 1929 Ford Model AA beer delivery truck. But now dear gentle readers…we move on…it’s time for the stars of the silver screen and of the invisible air waves to show off their fantastic cars….are you ready? All right…well, walking through time, we first see this huge guitar…in it’s hole is the clothing belonging to June Carter Cash…I’ve always had a warm feeling in my soul for her…can’t say why really, because I never thought she could sing well.

Off to the left of the guitar…is this beauty…it belonged to Conway Twitty…It’s a huge car….very big…much bigger than it appears here…ahhhh sigh…quite impressive…It makes me wish…oh…this is a family blog…never mind!

Here we have a radial airplane engine, the very same type of engine Amelia Earhart was using when she disappeared over the Pacific. Look at how these cylinders are lined up! Can’t ya just see the origins of our beloved Harley Davidson Engine here? I do!

This is the Johnny Cash “One Piece at a Time” car…You remember that song? Where the factory worker would smuggle home one piece of a car he had decided to build home from the Chevy factory….look at this car…so funny

Here is the interior of the car!

Check out the tail fins…or lack of one? I love it!

Looking across the room, we see shirts and a cowboy hat worn by the late great Hank Williams SR.

On the wall, you will see a box guitar signed by all four members of The Highway Men… Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings…all encased with a gold record….how do people get hold of this kind of stuff any way?

Next in our line of sight is this strange looking car…it appears to have a gold sheen to it…and as you approach you understand why. It’s coated in pennies…it’s called the Bi Centennial Money Car. Some guy covered this car in pennies and other coinage all dating with the year 1976…..ODD….ODD indeed!

Next in line…is a 1960 Limo…owned by Howard Hughes ….my cousin who accompanied me to the museum was quite excited by this car…he learned to drive in a 1960 Limo just like this one! I love it when we become animated by our memories!

There is a wall that is dedicated to the singers and songwriters of the 30’s through today…there are gold albums, and other kinds of knick-knacks adorning the wall…it’s really cool stuff…you would be there all day if you could just stand and check out the stuff here….

Next in line is Col. Sander’s (KFC fame) 1939 Lincoln K V-12 Limo….oh yeah…I could see myself riding in this thing…with a chicken leg in my mouth!!!!! How about you?

OK…now we come to an area dedicated strictly to the KING…oh hell no…not MJ…It’s ELVIS PRESLEY…. This is a white caddy he has been seen in…photographed…you know…it’s not pink…but it’s his.

I’m starting to notice a huge improvement to the wax figures that accompany the exhibits…I just am in awe…. This really does look like Elvis…kinda …don’t you agree?

There is a display case full of Elvis memorabilia, even a cigar that Elvis smoked and put down in front of someone….uh…KKKKKKK…….

Leaving Elvis to his Jungle Room, I move out further into the other parts of this room…and discover….JAMES DEAN!

BUDDY HOLLY~~~~~~~~~

And a car used in the filming of many Laurel and Hardy films….

Ladies and Gentlemen…we’ve come to the end of the “STARS “ room…look…I see a portico…it can only mean we will soon be entering the hall of Presidents….and other larger than life politicos….

Here is a Limo, used by the Royal Family of Great Briton…nice likeness of Lady Diana…

This 1950 Rolls Royce was the Presidential limo for Eva and Juan Peron….

This 1928 Delage Limo was built for the King of Siam. This car was used exclusively by the King and his royal family. It was delivered to Siam (Thailand) in December of 1929.

This is President Ronald Regan’s Limo….

This….is the limo used to transport our President….Richard Nixon…you should see these presidential limos for yourself….amazing things…simply amazing craftsmanship…

This is Joseph Stalin’s 1937 Packard Super 12, check out how thick the windows are…wow….wow….wow….

Now you know Franklin D. Roosevelt had good taste…look at his limo…this is the way to travel…don’t you agree?

This is Ulysses S. Grant’s sled…..the sign that appears with it…states he was the only President to receive a speeding ticket…OK…in a buggy no less!

Harry Truman’s Limo….1948….read the specs on the wall behind the car!

Check out Dwight Eisenhower’s Limo…Nice Caddy….


Of all the vehicles on site…this is the most desireable…to me and my cousin at least…wow…I really love this car…I don’t care that it is German, and was one that touted Hitler around…it is a really….REALLY…. cool car….

An SS car….yummy on this one too….oh….my….I like….

Now…here is Benito Mussolini’s car….yes…it’s yummy too….

One last car in this series today…it’s Nikita Khrushehev’s Limo…..MMMMM yeah it’s big too….

That’s all for today folks….
Next installment will include the Kennedy Limo, the Secret Service Limo that followed Kennedy’s limo…loads more…I think we will also see Batman’s (the series) Batmobile…and the Batmobile from the first box office hit movie…as well as the Joker’s cool car…much more to see…


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  1. OMG!!! This is awesome! You are sure keeping me on my toes that's for sure. Caddy was sure funny looking with only 1 fin in the back. I'd say the owner of the money car had some very serious OCD. Crazy yet cool. And the King…yes not MJ! Its insulting to think ppl are calling him that. Stalin's car I believe I saw at the Imperial Casino in the car showroom they have. Hitler's car that is a hard top was also there. I have seen the size of the glass in person and its really crazy. So much amazing stuff in one place.

  2. What an amazing collection! I'm not quite sure I see H-D in the Wright Cyclone engine….although ROTEC do make a 7-cylinder radial engined motorcycle! And I think Princess Di might have been a tad too young to have ridden in the Daimler – but that's a bit picky of me. If you get chance to slip up to Milwaukee and the Harley Museum however, you'll see a couple of local bikes that are awfully similar to that Beemer outfit – which is also more or less still available from China as a Chang Jiang1ANOTHER marvellous post Chessie!

  3. HiAmelia Earhart blurb Minor correction: In the Aviation Engine World,this type of enginwe is refered to as a "radial" engine. "Rotory" engines are on old Mazdas and do not even have cyclinders. Love all the nostalgia this stuff.Thanks, Doug DavisTucson,AZ

  4. Call me crazy but I still have an insatiable love for the ole Gran Torino, though I'd jump at the chance to glide my fingeers over many of those precious contraptions up there…..

  5. Mr. DDavis…THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME PULL MY HEAD OUTTA THAT DARK PLACE IT'S BEEN IN FOR A FEW DAYS…! It boggles me sometimes, I know that's a Radial Engine…not Rotary! But for some reason my brain wasn't engaged during both the writing and the editing process! I depend heavily on my informed readers such as yourself and my dear Affer to help me correct such oversights and inaccuracies!Welcome to my blog DDavis…I'm happy to have you aboard!Chrys, your the 2nd person to mention the Gran Torino! One person did so over the phone to me! I am always amazed when two unrelated people tell me the same thing in a matter of a few hours or days!Smooth, my friend…thank you for coming and commenting…your one of the loyalists….and I'm glad you return….Chessie

  6. Permission to be picky? Plenty of multi-cylinder Rotary engines were used in aeroplanes up to about 1925-ish; they look very similar to Radials when stationary, the big difference being that the cylinders rotate around a fixed crankshaft, whereas in a Radial the cylinders stay still and the crankshaft rotates. The Wankel is different again…!

  7. chessie, what a fantastic place!!! thank you for sharing so many great pics with us. i enjoyed it. we have the Behring Museum here, which features historical vehicles. i always enjoy taking in their ever rotating display. but this location you've featured is even more fun, thanks!!!

  8. HAAAA!!!! Affer!!! You my dear are one of my favorite people! Your knowledge on airplane and motorcycles is beyond my scope (and that of most people I am aware of,)…and I always defer to my sweetie Affer!Thank you darlin'….

  9. Great post! Thanks.(You can find the specs for the BMW on a HD at the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley);^)

  10. The limo that was Kennedys in Dallas was converted to a hardtop and was used by Nixon.I don't know if that's the same one in the museum..It was the one one with the clear Top.At one time that car was listed in the guniess book of records as the worlds most expensive car.Also another car that's here in the states is Hitlers BMW It was discovered after the war on a frieght train and shipped back here It wasn't ti;; many years later when reasearching it for a restoration that they discovered it was his…The series Batman? It would be one of fiveOne mock up…2 gloss black And of those two, one is the Ford Futura converted for the show. and one covered in black felt/velvet it's the one used in the batcave scenes Though, from watching the show I never believed that. Something about the bright lights reflected too much on cameraThe fifth one was built by a private owner…and was legally confiscated by Barris for copyright infringement.Here's some unrelated trivia..sort ofThe Monkeemobile is also one of 4 and one dissapeared from it's shipping crate in Puerto Rico….?

  11. Hi,Great post Conway Twitty's guitar and Johnny Cash's car.Came by to say hello, hope you are doing well and enjoying summer.Love,Herrad

  12. Wow…looks like Johnny Cash was riding in style :)That penny car is pretty awesome…and here I thought my ODD was bad…And Col. Sander's car is pretty sharp looking. Love it.

  13. Great post-I can tell you seemed to get more excited as the pics progressed! I love it!

  14. I just wanted to run my hands along all those pennies on the bicentinnial car. That was wild! And loving me some Elvis, it wasn't a bad rendention, but I don't think anyone could ever craft those eyes of his and do them justice. *sigh*

  15. WOW Great one Chess!! Keep up the good work. Boy they got some hard to find cars in that collection!.I didn't know Buddy Holly was a biker!Thanks again keep it up!

  16. Wow! You've found a real tresure in this museum. I love looking at old cars and seeing the history behind these makes it even better. Your photography and eye for the shot is excellent as always. One thing though… isn't that a Lincoln instead of a Caddy with Elvis??? Thanks for sharing your adventure! I love takinng these trips vicariously with you.

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