HIstoric Auto Attractions Part III Superman, Batman, Funny Cars, and Movie Stars

By: chesshirecat

Jul 17 2009

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Quick note and correction…in my blog Part II of this museum, I incorrectly ID’d Elvis’s car as a Caddie….OPPPSSSY me…it’s a Lincoln.

Having left off in the Presidents and notable dignitaries room…we shall now pick up where we left off…Starting with Lyndon Johnson’s car….

Then onto Harry Truman’s….

Now onto the limo that carried President Kennedy’s Secret Service Detail…directly behind the President’s car in TX. that fateful day.

This museum dedicates quite a bit of space to the Kennedy Assassination…in this room is the infamous ambulance that carried Kennedy’s killer to the hospital after he was shot in the gut by an off duty policeman….

And a room all unto it’s self…with the flag that draped the coffin of President Kennedy.

Let’s get out of this somber mood, and enter the world of fast cars, fast women, and faster guys….whose car is this? Come on y’all…it’s the king of NASCAR’s first race car…RICHARD PETTY….sheesh you guys…come on….

I would love to have Ned Jarrett’s car today…what a cool “hot rod”…

And what do you think of Ray Thompson’s roadster? Yummy….

Here we have Jerry Kizer’s funny bike racer…man I love fast motorcycles…

Check out this classic race car…oh…it brings me back to the funny papers…that’s where I first saw cars designed like this….I so love these babies…this is a 1929 Indy Race Car….yummy

You say you like formula cars? How about this Jag…I guess it’s a Jag…it says it’s a Jag on the front of the car….low slung and sexy…another great motor vehicle…don’t you agree?

This is a Rail Car…I tried to give you and idea of exactly how long these things are…but I ran out of light before the car was done….

This is Joe Armoto’s Dragster…I’ve always called them rail cars…is that wrong?

This is a midget car…I had an uncle in California who raced these…I understand he was quite good at it too…HMMMMMM

One last look as I leave the race room….

Walking into the next room, you start to smile…look here…the Back to the Future car…It was one of the first movies I took my daughter to that wasn’t a cartoon type.

Here is a close up of the Flux Capacitor.

Then we come to the wax figure of Christopher Reeve…the only REAL superman in my opinion.

Now we have one of the original Batmobiles…from the TV show…cool

Then we have the Batmobile from the first movie…

And the Batmobile from Batman Returns….notice the Penguin in the background…???

Now tell me, what collection would be complete without the Ghost Busters rig? HUH?

Here, we have the Mayberry squad car, signed a few years ago by many of the surviving cast members.

You remember National Lampoon’s Vacation? Well here she is…Notice Grandma is still tied to the roof of the car? So funny!

Look closely…yes folks…they even have Fred Flintstones car…

Last, but not least….the Sanford and Son car…

I want you guys to know, they also have a VERY good collection of Abe Lincoln memorabilia…but I forgot to bring another memory card…you’ll just have to go see this collection for yourself!


20 comments on “HIstoric Auto Attractions Part III Superman, Batman, Funny Cars, and Movie Stars”

  1. Great pics…love the batmobiles and the Sanford & Son truck!

  2. wow, truly a fantastic and fun place!!!!!!!! wow…

  3. Sorry I haven't been by for a while Chessie. My personal life has kept me away from even my own blog these last 3 – 4 weeks.Really cool pictures you have here. This is a place I'd like to get to someday. Hope all is well w/you. Ride safe.

  4. See Chessie, one more reason to come to Dallas…JFK museum Good Pics

  5. How do you find so much time to travel…? Have fun and be safe….

  6. It stinks that you have to moderate now and the same sort of thing has happened at mine. That reminds me, I need to send them a bill for using my blog.Great pictures. Most people call those rail cars dragcars or dragsters. To be simplistic, Drag race comes from trying to beat drag from friction and air so to speak. Like , my drag coeffecient is …. The faster you go the more drag you get by air push for one. The more aerodynamic and frictionless to ground & air you make a car the lower your drag.

  7. Fantastic! I'm hoping to make a road trip this summer and look this place over myself. Thanks Chessie

  8. Facey, Thank you…we have a mutual admiration society…mq01…these pictures really can't describe how much fun I had here…Joker, sweetie…I knew you have been busy with the magazine work as of late…I'm just glad you are able to drop in from time to time…Loved this last blog of yours by the way…David, the JFK museum IS on my list of things to do in Dallas…I'll be there in a year or two…Bewitched, I've been blessed w/a great man who understands, if I didn't travel I would be a really nasty bitch…he encourages my adventures, and my work…which is…traveling and writing about it!Wooleybugger…I've decided it's time to let my freak flag fly and trust the readers of my blog NOT to place ads here…they will only be deleted quickly anyway…Thank you all for coming…I look forward to giving you more in the coming year…

  9. Great photos Chessie, and a whole load of memories for me….The first dragster I saw was Dean Moon's at Brighton (England) in 1963. The next year, a whole bunch came over to REALLY show how it was done: Dante Duce, Tommy Ivo, Tony Nancy and Don Garlits – who just smoked everyone! I went to the first event with my (then) girlfriend whose Dad was an organizer. Magic!!

  10. I just can't imagine driving that roadster or the Indy can the speeds they did.

  11. What a cool place! Thanks for sharing your pics. Shook up a few memories with all the old Hollywood cars. I remember a phase during my military time, coming home and watching Sandford And Son back to back with the Andy Griffith Show on some channel that ran old show reruns. It's been a long time since I've seen either one now.I enjoyed the Nascar section! I knew right off the answer was Richard Petty. Do I win a prize?? LOL!This place sort of reminds me of the museum in Talladega. One of these days, I'll ride the Glide up for a day trip and share a visit to the History of Motor Sports Museum at the Talladega Speedway. We're only about 90 miles south of the track and we always are riding in that area. Great race history there.Thanks again, this was awesom!

  12. Nice, nice, nice…I like it

  13. Wow love the cars, the Ghost Buster car and the Batmobile…will lets just say I got to get me one of those. Ha-ha. Big Al

  14. Wow, I really enjoyed seeing and reading about all those classic autos. Thanks for taking the time!!!!!

  15. Harry Truman's car is looking pretty sharp! :)I'm in love with all the race cars and bikes! Awesome…And BTW, I'm jealous that you got to see the flux capacitor up close and personal. I would have loved to sit in the DeLorean, the Bat Mobile, and the Ghostbusters car 😀

  16. How could you get through that place in a day?WowPap

  17. Wow-nice post! that took me back…..ahhh!

  18. Great cars. I had a 1950 Ford F-1 like the Sanford & Son truck. Now I have to settle for a 1950 Panhead.(Easier to handle)

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  20. Wow ! merry.joliiiees:-)

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