Davey Crocket Days at His Birthplace…

I left my home setting my wheel westward…back once more toward Greeneville TN, with an intention of turning north on SR 70 and then looking for some new roads to explore.

I’m sure we all have heard of the saying, “The best laid plans of men and mice…”

Everytime I run out this way, I see the sign that points the way to Davey Crocket’s Birthplace State Park in Limestone TN. Every time I pass it, I think to myself, I should take the time….


TIME by Erik on Flickr

This time, there were signs advertising the fact this weekend was “Davey Crocket Days” at the park. I have some time to think it over before the left turn across two more lanes of traffec on 11 E. I weigh the possiblities of some really fantastic pictures of early settlers life with unknown roads…I decided what the heck, the oppritunites aren’t going to get much better than this. To not stop would cause me to kick myself later…I hate bruising my own butt….

walking in circles

Photo by: ehoyer Flickr

The die was cast. I turned down the street marked for the state park. I came across many great photo ops…I wonder what happened to them? My camera has gotten wet one too many times…it saves the pictures it wants to now…But this gives me another excuse to come back. This road has some very good photo ops.

But I am now in the park, and I’m walking toward a log cabin. This is an estamate of what they figure Davey was born in…it was what was popular for the day…and it’s furnished in the same manner as what you would have found in the pioneer day as well.

As is quite common with these types of affairs, I found myself following my nose…BBQ food was being served. But I had already told myself I would not spend more then twenty bucks this entire day…I wish I had gotten the pork sammie…it was only four bucks. I didn’t do half as well after leaving the park in search of food…

Pig Pickin' Pork sandwich, drenched in KC Masterpiece's original sauce

Photo by: blk3953 on Flickr

Veering away from the food, I head down the hill toward the river…I find an encampment of pioneers…look at the charactors I found camped down this way…

This next lady? She was making buttons with thread. It’s amazing the handy work by our ancesters…can you imagine working half a day to make a button?

Then there was this woman weaving pine straw baskets. Her grandmother was Choctow Native American…taught her to do this. She gives lessons…I have her card…I think I will try my hand at it. Her work is museum quailty.

I came across several trapper camps…this is one….

I almost missed the Native American camp just down stream….

I’m starting to walk back to my bike, when this guy blows a cow horn…and shouts “Kings Mountain Regiment, fall in”

Then this little demostration of long rifles happens…it was pretty neat…

It’s time to go…I’m still moving toward Greeneville on RT 11E. I sure didn’t get very far before I came to this little “store”. This guy collected Texeco Memorbila. I had to get pictures of my bike out by his pumps…very cool.

Leaving Texeco behind…I ride through Greeneville and find RT 70 North…this is the lower half of 70 that I haven’t been on yet…this was worth the ride…

Once I came into Rogersville, I found a another RT I haven’t been on before…this is SR 66 north…a nice 21 mile stretch of twisty road and switch backs…very tasty road for this rider…You’ll enjoy this ride…

Moving on down the road, I came across this church…well it’s no longer a church…it’s now “HEAVENLY BIKE SHOP” I wish the sign would photograph better…ah well…I know what it is…and now so do you!

I left RT 66…but before I did…

Headins East now on CR 94 East…another wonderful road…until I realized I had circled back around to Rogersville! Ah well….

It’s getting late, and I have supper to cook when I get home…

See ya another time…I do hope we meet on the road sometime!

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9 comments on “Davey Crocket Days at His Birthplace…”

  1. What a great-looking day out – with some excellent photos! In England, we do of course still put people in the stocks and pelt them with rotten fruit and veg, but I have to admire American Industrialisation with that automated arse-kicking machine.

  2. GREAT POST!! I have to admit I’m jealous of the lady that took a half day to make a button…we all need to slow downnnnn. Got to tell ya I love the saddle bags strapped to your baby…they look nice…good job.Big Al

  3. Well the pictures that you were able to save are just as great! I love to watch the basket makers here in my state down on the coast…they do that all day every day at a place called the Market in Charleston, SC. It's fascinating to me. I didn't know what a trapper camp was, so I had to look it up. What is the purpose? Are these for the public to stop and enjoy and be educated? I don't see many of the things you come across down where I live and I'm fascinated by your journeys! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had a great day trip that could have taken two very easy. Those little side trips into history are always worth the effort to me. I agree those saddle bags look great on your ride.John

  5. I have ridden there several times always had a great time. Thanks for all the memories!! Wow as always Great Pics!!MMmmmmmmmmuwah galPap

  6. I found your blog because it was featured by blogger and I plan to stay if that's ok with you.Don't you just love riding out in the county? Rhetorical question, I know. Who doesn't love it.Nice pics, love the blog, hopefully someday I'll get out to your side of the country to do some riding.

  7. Love the old Texaco gas station and pumps, so cool! Thanks for once again sharing your ride with us!

  8. Hi,Came by to say hello and wish you well.Hope you are having a good day.Love,Herrad

  9. ooooooh chessie, take me to the native american camp downstream…please… 😉 fabulous post and pics, thank you.

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