I don’t know if she’ll be resurrected….

By: chesshirecat

Sep 09 2009

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My bike is in the shop. She has some serious symptoms that could prove beyond worth of fixing…we shall see.

I took the bike into the shop because of a pool of oil that had amassed inside of two days under her. It reminded me of the days I had my Panhead…but she’s an Evo…and shouldn’t even come close to reminding me of those days in that manner.

I looked under her dress…up into the chassis…and see the leak appears to be coming from the back side of the oil tank…and then I discover the oil tank will move….WHAT? NO!!!!!!

I ride the bike to the shop. Show what I found to Tim…and he says the bracket is broke that is welded to the oil tank…and needs to be rewelded….well FU%K ME. The soonest he can get us in there is Thursday. No riding for me. But I figured I could ride the bike home…and ride it back in when it’s time….

Bad move sweetie…real bad move. On the way home, the front cylinder started ticking. I was in a very bad section of town. Not the place to stop…so I pushed her onward for about a mile to get to a safer place. By the time we stopped, the noise from the front cylinder was so bad, it overshadowed my straight pipes. Oh man….

I call the shop and ask if they have a tow service…well course not. Here I am, still in a not so good section of town…on the cusp of an even worse section of town, and I’m broke down. My MR. is at work, and I can’t get the bike towed to a a safer place…my shop tells me to call this towing company…I’ve already had dealings with them previously…with Mom’s car…screw them. I would rather someone got away with rolling my bike down the street and selling it for junk than let those asswipes tow my fricken motorcycle.

So I call my Mom. I am at a place she knows how to get to, and it’s an easy place for her to get to with only three turns once she leaves the house. It’s hot…I’m cooking out in the sun…and I wait for Mom. She arrives…I take everything off the bike…and leave her in the parking lot of the post office. Figure she should be safe there during office hours.

I was right. The MR. came home, picked me up… we went to U-Haul and rented their bike hauler…yes they have a bike trailer. 14.00 bucks not bad. Towed it to the bike…got it rolled on…and hauled the bike to the shop. Got her unloaded…the service writer wanted me to start her up. I did…it took less than 7 secs for me to shut her down…she was not good.

So now she sits, They will do a leak down test…and run a scope into her cyl. to see what can be seen. I have a feeling it was a running seizure…and that I had a piece of her rings get blown out the exhaust.

We shall see.

She has almost 170K on her. She had a top end last year…10 K ago…an oil pump about 15K ago was replaced….

Fingers crossed. Hope it won’t cost more than she’s worth to fix…well she’s almost priceless to me…since replacing her is more expensive than fixing her. Have to wait and see.


17 comments on “I don’t know if she’ll be resurrected….”

  1. Not good girl. Like having a family member in the Hospital. I go through something like that often on my old beaters…usually the ones I like the most. Hopefully it wont turn out that bad and the cost will be more than worth it. Keep the faithJohnhttp://bikin-ridin-nwa.blogspot.com

  2. I sure hope it all turns out well for you. Not riding in the winter sucks. Not riding when you could because your bike is broke down really sucks!I wish you and your bike the best of luck.

  3. Fingers are crossed! X

  4. You have my sympathy. I hope it's fixable.

  5. I hate when that happens! I'm praying that the wrenching Gods will be good to you and your little girl. Let us know how it goes.

  6. I just completely rebuilt 'Annabelle' new everything….thre's a banging coming from somewhere..take it apart….nothing visible wrong anywhere….Call freinds with better hearing….We are standing around scratching our heads?????? Will let you know if we ever figure it out. Don't give up on yours….it'll work out.

  7. Hi Chessie,Please go to my blog and pick up your award.Love,Herrad

  8. I feel for ya. When I got laid off I worried I might loose mine. I still had an other 15 payments to go and knew I couldn't do it on unemployment. I should have taken my 6 weeks vacation that I had coming to me and banked it, but I paid her off. Just couldn't stand the thought of loosing her. Guess that tells you where my priorities are. Good luck to you.

  9. I got a phone call from the shop.He says they shoved a scope into her cyl. and couldn't see any problems there…I told him I figured the problem was the rockers …. remember I told y'all…I the rockers were making a terrific noise….He asks me if I wanted them to tear into the heads…. DUH>>>>?????WTF YOU THINK I BROUGHT THE BIKE INTO YOU FOR???? Good God…man…open her up…and give me good news.Chessie

  10. And you told me to never…never!!! Trailer my bike!!! Sorry just trying to make you smile while you are worried about your baby…hope everything turns out ok…I’ll be reading…good luck.Big Al

  11. Of COURSE they'll resuscitate her! Think of all those 30's Hogs that are still running – it's the beauty of a Harley and the spares system. And it will be worth doing too, but just you make sure you see the damage BEFORE they start the repair!!

  12. Well SHIT ….You could come by my place.. drill 4 or 5 holes in my fender bolt on one of the shopping baskets homeless folks have. ( To hold all your shit) and drive mine around a while.

  13. OH BTW I rode around the other day and was able to shift a couple times. I think I could fix the shift peddle to work for me. It would be a damn site safer just putting an elec shifter on it tho. Still aint figured out what I want to do. Sorry bout your bike babe`

  14. Chessie:Here's hoping that you get your bike back with a minimum of cost.bobbobskoot: wet coast scootin

  15. I'm hoping you get your girl back fixed up and fast! Keeping my fingers crossed for you Chessie 🙂

  16. I hate hearing this because I've read enough of your blog to know what you and her have been through. Don't get mad, but if I was a local biker friend of yours I'd probably have told you you deserve a boot-print in the butt for riding her out of the shop with that problem in the first place…but I don't want to make you feel any worse so forget I said that.I hope you get some better news on your girl that gets her running w/o breaking the bank. If things don't work out though, my G/F is selling her '07 883 Low for $5,800. Only has 2k on her and the 1k service is done. All stock and royal blue. If ur interested email me and I'll send you a picture.

  17. Joker, I have a wheeled boot machine, that on a regular basis will kick my ass….I get tired of kicking it myself…the inventor of the machine was a friend of mine…knew how hard it was getting for me…News update.Because they had to re route oil lines, they were inside the cover for the final drive line…the front sprocket is almost toothless…almost like my 2nd husband. I got rid of him, so I guess I should replace the 250.00 sprocket. They still haven't found out EXACTLY what the noise is…shit…I can see this becoming expensive.

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