US 17 From GA. to FL. Coastal Highway.

A couple of weeks ago, I drove my Mom to Florida.  I started out on I-26, but if any of you have been reading about me for very long…you also know these inter-state routes bore me.  By the time we got to the SC-GA boarder…I knew I had to leave I-95 and get on another southerly US road to Florida or go crazy.  I’ve traveled I-95 so many times, I can drive most of it’s stretches with it’s details burned into my memory. The only thing that perhaps changes, is the amount of trash found on the roadsides of these Inter-state roads.  

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I didn’t ride my motorcycle on this trip, but you have to know, this is a great motorcycle road!  My next trip to Florida, I will be be taking this highway!  It has excellent views, wonderful history…great old and small towns to visit as well as explore…I’m coming back this way…it’s too cool to miss.

Here are some of the pictures I was able to stop in the car to capture…there were so many more, I was unable to grab with my lens.  No places for a large luxury auto to pull of much less turn around in…so I can get my pictures…but these are are too cool to miss…check em out!

Here is the first place I was able to pull over at…Butler Island. This picture is of the Butler Plantation…a 19th century rice plantation created by a famous couple, Fanny Kemble and Pierce Butler.  Fanny was an accomplished stage actress, and Pierce was due to become the richest man in America. Their story is an amazing one.  History is some good stuff, please click here for more information on Fanny and Pierce!

This is a picture of a dock that I believe, was the landing and loading area for the plantation. This waterway lead to the ocean.

This picture, is of an island next to the plantation, just beautiful how the reflection comes back at the lens. Don’t you agree?  There is an old cement bridge here, now used by fishermen and shutter bugs like me…it also boasts a picnic table…It’s a wonderful place to stop for a breather…

I snapped this fishing boat leaving the area…I am still standing on the cement bridge as I snap this picture:

Climbing back in Mom’s car, we continue our trek south on US 17/25.  This area is so full of history…I would of liked to have been alone on my bike so I could stay for hours, stopping where ever I felt the need to…but …ah well…this is the next place I found…another bridge that has been replaced…this one looks over the shipping channels for Savannah and beyond:

This is an image of the bridge that has replaced the bridge I was standing on…what a beautiful bridge.  You know I think GA. has the most beautiful styled bridges…

Check this out!  This ship is a car carrier….

In Historic Woodbine GA. Mom spotted this sign…she still talks about it…yeah, I guess it’s got it’s funny associations to it. 

We didn’t tour this place, but as an antique shop and a museum…it will most certainly hold some curious items!

Now, in White Oak GA. I found this great old store. It’s no longer in business…but…ahhh I love the wood.

And tell…ya don’t like the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees….

The tin roof….

The brick Chimney:

Where else but small town America, do you find these little country churches that hold so much love and respect?  

A mural of a proud heritage of this little town in GA.  It no longer boasts the trade of the waterways…not like this, but I’ve been told these days…it’s a great little place to go fishing.

The old and the new…I really like this shot:

My parting shot…a long closed motel.  This is on US 17/25 near the FL GA state line.  I guess back before I-95, this was a bustling rest stop for the traveling public….shame it’s gone….

Now for a little post script.  While visiting my brother in Florida, my camera has stopped operating.  I am in the process of looking into cameras I can afford.   It will be my Christmas present from my MR. and my Mom…so it maybe a while before you see any new pictures from me here.  

It’s coming on winter…less riding…so I will be writing about things that catch my eye in the news of motorcycling…so don’t forget to keep stopping in!



15 comments on “US 17 From GA. to FL. Coastal Highway.”

  1. Chessie:You have an eye for capturing interesting spots and scenery along the way. Too bad about your camera. We are going to miss your photos. It seems that you stop often for those photos. I don't like to ride/drive too fast otherwise it forces me to have to turn around to take the shot. There's nothing worse than saying to yourself, "I'll get it on the way back" but you never do, and most often you don't see it in the same light the second time.It was also nice to get some Bonding time with your MOM.bobbobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Nice shots Chessie – as ever. Those car transporters are amazing aren't they? Not much freeboard under the bridge! But it's the mural that caught my eye; took me back to Cuba Mo on Route66, where the whole town is muralised (muralated? muralified?). Whatever – it's a great American public art form!

  3. ONG, I think I stayed in that motel in 1980. And it was in pretty bad shape back then.It was my first trip down south and everything was so new and interesting. It was near Woodbine right before the FL. stateline on 17/25.I mean it really looks like the same place. The water in there smelled just awful. Over the years I have wanted to try and find that place again but each time I head to Fla, I have to be "somewhere" by "sometime." And I am always late.And today I almost did a "Chessie." David and I went for a ride and I wanted to stop and take some pictures, but I was too comfy on the bike and besides D had to be at his dad's at 1pm, so there really wasn't time to stop. Bummer to hear about your camera.

  4. Great drive, I kept thinking of your mom strapped to the back of your bike the whole way.Thanks for the smileBig Al

  5. Well I did a little research, and mhy brain seems to be working better this month than in previous years. I think I stayed at the Stardust Motel in Woodbine which seems to be still in operation. 1980 was many paint fumes and hangovers ago.

  6. I love your blog! I've been following you for a while, but never posted a comment. It's great. Your pics are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I was hoping to get down to Florida this year and ride the cycle in January but it looks like I may be moving west to Colorado. Oh well one of these days I will be able to ride that way! Great Photos!

  8. I always love your photos! Even with it being a little creepy looking, I love the photos with the Spanish Moss.

  9. i love your pictures! sorry about your camera. those pictures of southeastern georgia looked like another world from northwestern georgia. :O)

  10. Wow great pictures. Do you use any Motorcycle GPS for your rides?

  11. Bobskoot, thank you for coming…yes, I stop often. It's weird, but these good pictures seem to come in spurts. I will ride for MANY miles, seen nothing that catches my eye…then all of a sudden I can't go two blocks for a mile without stopping.Affer, thank you…it is so nice to hear from you…You have a knack for making me feel….good. Yeah I think if there were a trampoline on the bridge of the ship…they could slap the ribs of the concrete …Crazy Horse Flame…I'm really glad you come to read the blog…You know…it only set me back by 2 hours to take this route rather than I-95? That includes all the stopping I did! Of course we can't do the entire trip on the side roads, but I always try to find one strip where I can get off the Inter-state and play in the small towns on the way to where I'm going…works very well for me!Diania, wow…that is great! I'm so pleased to hear from you! Thank you!!!ROB…are you really moving to CO? I dream of spending a couple of years exploring in that state.Steph, I know what ya mean about the Spainish Moss …amazing stuff isn't it?Redbone, you are sooo correct regarding the night and day differince between north and south GA.!Aydin, I sometimes will use my Verizon phone…not often though…I will snap it to the strap of my helmet nest to my ear, so I can follow the directions by voice. Like I said though…that happens about three times a year. I prefer to be quite lost!

  12. Very interesting photos. Makes me want to have some nice ride there too!Kitchie@DMV Locations

  13. You do have a very interesting blog. Love going on the rides with you. I miss the south. Buildings here in Michigan do not last as long as in the south. The harsh winters you know. Oh we have some but not like the old south. Love to see those old stores and towns that still have some of the old signs up. Cool looking when they are nuslesed in between those old trees with the moss hanging from them. I try to picture what was ah going on back in it's hayday. Look forward to your winter writings.

  14. Nice post Chessie, as usual great photos – love the delapidated motel, like something out of a scary movie! It's a tragedy that your camera's broken, that's a necessary tool for you! Great stuff.The Rider.

  15. ~C~ so sorry to hear about your loss (of camera). Maybe you can get one from the dead peoples stuff for sale? (I *love* that photo in particular)I think I mentioned this in our chat the other night but I highly suggest, if it's within budget, to take a good look at the Canon S90. It's a lot like my Canon G11 but with a much slimmer profile. The only reason I didn't get that model is that I require a hot shoe for my fancy portraiture work.One other really interesting option in your case would be the Pentax Optio W* series. They are water tight so you can let 'em get rained on and they are happy with it.

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