A Few Shots From My New Nikon

By: chesshirecat

Dec 20 2009

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20 comments on “A Few Shots From My New Nikon”

  1. Very Nice!It's freezing cold here too but nowhere near as beautiful as where you are!

  2. What great photos! I know you'll be able to turn out some awesome road pics with your new toy.The winter wonderland of freshly fallen snow is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. Now just stay warm! LOL!

  3. Beautiful pictures and while the camera seems to work fine it is the eye of the photographer that finds the shots. The ones with the orange glow through the trees are my favorite.

  4. Hi I am thinking of getting a DSLR. It would be my first. Any suggestions? Great pictures and blog by the way!

  5. Steebo – I've got an Canon 20D, I find it's great for everything I need. I've had it a few years now.

  6. Just beautiful…I look forward to the many pictures you will take with this camera then share with us.

  7. Very nice. I love it when snow sticks to the trees.

  8. Steebo,I'll tell you what my proffessional photographer friends have been telling me.It's not the cameara. A camera is a dark box designed to allow light into it, so as to "expose" the agent inside to an image to copy. A good lens (or glass) is important. But you will get that with almost any DSLR camera you pick up today. I've found Cannon to be user friedly. I like Cannon for that reason. Pentex is not a widely known model among the public, but is indeed a very nice camera, also user friendly.My Nikon, is taking some great pictures, but I am not impressed with the written instructions that come with it. It feels as though it was translated from Japanese to English, with many of the nueiances missing. Leaving the reader to wonder just what the heck he/she has gotten into. I've found myself wondering why this or that is happening when I download, or during picture taking it's self. I know I will eventfully get this figured out. As many of my friends say who own the D3000, it has a learning curve to it.

  9. Such beautiful photography…….did Santa call into your place early hon?…….lol.Hugz "Valkyrie"

  10. Congrats on the new camera. I love my D50. No snow down here in the Carolinas. Flew back home from MI yesterday. The whole world looked frozen down below when I looked out the window of the plane.

  11. Looks similar to my home town here in Sweden now. We have also got a lot of beautiful white snow. for me this is great since I love cross country skiing in the wintertime. Your camera takes nice pictures My experience is that it takes quite a while to learn how to use a new camera. I recently bought a new compact one but I still don´t know how to operate it properly.

  12. Amazing photos! Still I'm glad that I don't live in an area where it snows, not for me Thank you!Andrew – aka the rider

  13. Chessie:great snow pictures, of course, it's the eye of the photographer who noticed them. Can't wait for more . . . and have a very Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas too.bobbobskoot: wet coast scootin

  14. nice doggie!merry christmas to one and all!!!

  15. Hi,Happy Christmas.Love,Herrad

  16. One word….BEAUTIFUL! (Especially the one of the pupster!) 😉

  17. Chessie, I came back to revisit your blog and to post a comment. I finally figured out why I could never get one posted! Your blog is set up in such a fashion that commenters MUST BE SIGNED IN before posting. It does not allow you to sign in and post after the fact.Now … lets get down to the business at hand: photography. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your visionary eye. –Brent

  18. The problem with camera (and most other) instruction manuals is they are indeed translated from Japanese to English … however the rub is that the translator is from some other country … like France or Italy -:) Usually poorly written!You seem to have some very beautiful material to test your new camera with, however. Absolutely lovely!!Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well !Chuck Pefley

  19. Chessie, just wanted to say your photos are beautiful! We've had about 20 inches of snow here so far in December, and a little more on the way before the new year. We were snowed in for Christmas, which frankly was okay by me – nowhere to go but the living room, lots of time to admire the Christmas tree enjoy some much-needed "home time." Hope you are well and enjoying the new camera!

  20. great pics!! hope you had a great christmas

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