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By: chesshirecat

Jan 03 2010

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I’ve been wondering what to do here for a couple of weeks. I haven’t been on any rides that made me want to get off the bike and shoot pictures. I haven’t had a camera, or it’s just to darn cold/wet/icy/crappy to do any riding.

It’s 17 degrees outside as I write this. It’s almost 1PM. I don’t have a heated garage, just a car port. I went outside a bit ago, thinking I wanted to see what it would take to start the old girl up. Forget it she told me. “ARE YOU FREAKING OUT OF YOUR MIND?” I think I should have wrapped her engine in an electric blanket…kept her jugs warm, her oil from turning to sludge, her gears from shrinking, compressing, and seizing up. I should have been more thoughtful toward the old girl. She is out in the elements alone, cold, and almost forgotten.

Almost forgotten?I do think of her daily. I just don’t baby her. I don’t even put a battery tender on her, though perhaps if I did, I wouldn’t have to remember to run out and start her on the warmer days here in North East Tennessee. But if I did that, then perhaps I should just put fuel stabilizer in her fuel tank, hook her up to the tender and forget about her till it really warms up, and the rest of the regions riders are out in force?

No, I think not…I think my girl will continue to be ridden when possible. I think I will continue to rush out on days when the temps are above 32 degrees shoot some starting fluid into her lungs and crank her alive…push those fluids through her belly, into her heart, her crank case…warm up those piston and gears,move those flywheels around and around, push rods shootin oil into the heads, …smell the exhaust, revel in her sound, her smell…in the way she always comes alive for me…pleasing me…bringing me smiles and good cheer.

I don’t do anything really in preparation for spring. To do so would be too much planning for me. The only planning I do in the winter, geared toward my warmer weather riding, is to open the atlas, and try to figure out a route to a major ride I am planning to take. I have good intentions.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortuitously…I often forsake the routes I’ve chosen for something that appears to promise a better adventure. As long as it takes me in the general direction of my original ending place…and the time is not going to be a large factor, I always tend to take roads I hadn’t seen on the big map. Following the smaller State Roads, County Roads, or secondary highways that just didn’t make themselves plain to me while I was sitting here at home….planning. Planning? No…I think I’m actually day dreaming…filling the holes in time until I can get back on the bike and be whole again.

One thing I do need to do before I spend any time on the bike is buy a tire for the rear. Dang thing is dangerous.

So that’s it for today…I’ve rolled the bike out of the carport to take pictures…dang it…I’m so cold, my fingers hurt for a while afterwards…
You all be well, stay warm, enjoy your lives…I’ll dream of the desert of Mojave…and I’ll crank my Little Girl up a couple times a month…ride her to build her cranking power up…and bring her home under the carport to await our next ride…short as they are.


18 comments on “Another Way to Write…Blog…Just….”

  1. I feel guilty too! Our bikes sit in an unheated garage and I have yet to put the battery tenders on or to cover them. I'll try to get to that soon, so they'll be fresh in the Spring. And, I need new rubber too, but that's something to look forward to!

  2. Ah, the stuff dreams are made of. I like your frosty window pic. Gives one a real feel for what's on the other side … numb fingers and all.Our weather in Seattle has returned to normal gray, and wet of course. Wouldn't be home without some moisture. That's how we stay so green -:)I rode yesterday and today, but not far. Didn't need to. Only short errands to do. Nevertheless, I'm happy knowing I can ride pretty much all year. Hoping spring comes early in Kentucky -:)

  3. Winter riding?I live in Chicago, which has some nasty winters, but generally the city keeps the roads clear.I have a few bikes that I have used over the years as winter bikes- I am not commuting, just going out in the evening to visit friends. Riding a motorcycle in the cold- but not to far-keeps the cabin fever at bay.I have a 20 year old Dual Sport, which has been my winter bike for the last 5 years. Before that I used a 350 Matchless. For many years I used an H-D 1945 U model.One thing about winter riding is you get to learn about oil- at least picking oil that is thin enough that it makes the bike easy to start @ 20 degrees (mine are ALL kickers). Oil and clothing. Not so much warm clothes- that is a given- but AIR TIGHT clothes, (and heated grips).The salt takes toll- but paint, Salt-Away, and WD40 all help to keep the salt at bay- the trade off of a big smile on your frosty face is well worth the added corrosion that you have to deal with.To raise the WINTER RIDING bar a little bit-I met two guys from Norway, Klaus and Tomorad, riding 1938 Nimbus motorcycles with side car frame mounted BOXES, when they stopped in Chicago in MID December- they had shipped their bikes to Seattle from S.Korea, and were headed to Vermont!These guys WERE serious winter riders. check out Great Blog, Chessie, sorry to ramble on………….

  4. Okay…. I live in California, which enables us to ride more than others. Yes it's still cold, but nothing like where you live! I love your pics….and she still looks good (smokin-hot) sittin in the garage! And yes I think they (the bikes) get upset if you don't ride them enough. I also love hoe you explain how you will take care of her, and 'warm' her up more regularly! I'm looking forward to more reading & writing SOON! Luv ya Chess XOXO

  5. Great post, great pics, lovely bike. Mine is in the garage covered up with a trickle charger attached to her. I can't wait for this snow to go away so I can get her out of hibernation. you really do need to change that tyre though! 🙂

  6. It's just a wee bit colder on your side of the mountain, I see! The Triumph has been temperamental in the freezing cold. Yesterday it would start & idle, but stall every time I stood it upright. I reckon something was frozen stuck in one of the carbs. Today it ran fine with no such problem, even though it was colder. I just don't get it sometimes.Can't wait for some warmer weather & longer rides though!

  7. Makes me a little more grateful that I'm in warmer South Carolina!

  8. We are about 50 miles west of Chicago and it's been dipping below 0, so our bikes are in a homemade enclosed trailer with 2 heat lamps running. My MR. built the trailer a year ago for storage space. We get 4 bikes in it with a little room left. That frees up the garage for work space. Last spring when we brought out the bikes they had condensation all over them so during the summer he insulated the trailer and wired 2 heat lamps, just enough to keep out the condensation. If it has added to the electric bill we haven't noticed it. R's bike is naked right now, stop by my post for a look see. I'll post a picture latter today. He is taking the whole engine apart because he has a knock that no one seems to be able to pin-point. It runs good but he doesn't trust it with the knock. We are planning a ride to Cali next Oct for his daughters wedding so it has to be in tip top condition. Oh, and my back tire looks like yours too. I have a new one in the garage waiting for spring to arrive.

  9. We are getting a snowy winter this year in Boston…although in truth I'm really closer to Providence, RI. It's only been a few weeks since I put her in the garage. I'm actually going to break down and put her on the tender today. She looks so GOOD just sitting there, all shiny in defiance of the crappy weather just a few feet in front of her over the threshold.As much as I bitch about it every year, it's something you just get used to here. Nothing to be done about it unless you're a winter rider, like the anonymous poster talked about. I'm all set on that, but if I were to do it, a "winter bike" is the way to go I think. There's NO FRICKIN' WAY I'm going to get road salt all over my mint-condition, barely 3 year-old Softail Springer Classic.The other thing is the sand….it's everywhere on our roads and would be really dangerous if on two wheels. I miss it…I crave it sometimes like a meth addict wants to score and get that pipe burning…but I know I just have to wait. You'll be out much sooner and more often than me, so I'll just have to live vicariously through you until around the end of April or so.Keep warm and get out when you can. I'll be looking foward to reading about it. Happy New Year.

  10. Cant wait for the snow to melt over here this year my gal is outside in the cold machinery shed and I fee so guilty knowing she always comes inside for winter where it is a steady 70 degrees throughout the house…………longing for warmer places like Arizona right now….Valkyrie

  11. At least you can get your bike out! My garage door seal is frozen to the concrete. Not that I'd want to break it out for temps in the 20's. It's nice to remember that winter solstice is behind us and the days are getting longer. We'll be back on the road with our hair blowin' in the springtime breezes soon.

  12. Lovely photos, I feel sorry for you people in the freezing areas, we can ride pretty much all year round. We have cold and wet winters but in between there are lovely mild days ideal for riding. One of the joys of living in sunny South Africa!Cheers – the rider

  13. Cold winters just make me love the spring, summer and fall that much more.

  14. I think the cold winter makes you appreciate the warm seasons better. I removed the battrey from my bike and keep it indors together with my Comet battery just because I ruined a new battery last winter in the Comet. Nice pictures, we have had -30°C last week just awful. Even too cold for skiing.

  15. Hi Chessie,Please come by my blog and pick up your award.Love,Herrad

  16. love the pics…i have spring fever already!! come on warm weather

  17. I like your writing style. Nice blog.

  18. >wao what a nice collection of the bikes its really so good. thanks for sharing with us…

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