By: chesshirecat

Jan 28 2010

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I’ve had it with fricken WINTER.  I’m done with snow. I’m done with the damn rain.  I’m done with the mud, with the frozen ground…THis sucks.

My optimism has dried up.  I’ve nothing to say about riding, except I miss it so much.  I’ve made plans for future rides.  And tonight, the Presidents State of Nation Address is going on.  So nothing to watch on tv.   I swear, I’m dyin here….if not for a challenge made by a friend I would wonder, what’s the point?  These past couple weeks, I’ve been taking pictures and posting my pictures to a new blog.  It’s a blog that posts one picture a day.  I am challenged to get out daily and take pictures of mundane stuff…and make it interesting.  So I’m gonna post a few of the pictures that didn’t make it to my daily blog here, while we wait for better weather.  Sorry it’s not motorcycle related…I just can’t keep up the cool thoughts anymore.  I need a long ride. Don’t you?

My blog is called 365 Degrees, Photos From Each Day https://chessiesphotos.wordpress.com/

Took Shrek to the Vet’s office today…the bird was there…and we also went to the doggie store…

OK I’ve also gone and visited the Veterans Admin.  It’s many acres, with a National Cemetery where our soldiers are buried…  I took a picture of a building that boasted this strange “gargoyle” kind of thing….

Don’t ya just love this shot of Buffalo Mountain shrouded in clouds?

Now this next shot is one that seems to be very popular on my photo blog. I call it “Stairway To Heaven”.

Now this next shot is of a spring of dried flower…or I guess it’s actually weed.

I like this one too…it’s a piece of honeycomb sitting in a Mason Jar of golden Smoky Mountain Honey. Don’t it look like… ohhh …I could beg for some of this.

This building is too cool. It’s in Downtown Johnson City. There are more shots of this on my photo blog. All bright and damn nice…

Now this isn’t going into my photo blog, cuz I took these last year. But I love em so I guess I’ll show them off to you. These came from one of my most memorable rides….GOD I WANT TO RIDE NOW

The wolf and the masked bandit…cute guys….

This parrot allows me to dream of the Islands…What Islands? I DON’T CARE, JUST BE SURE THEY ARE TROPICAL

(Singing) Hail, Hail…the gangs all here…what the hell do we care? What the hell do we care?…

Well this is about all for now. Go Check out my photoblog…


11 comments on “OK WINTER, I’M DONE,”

  1. I'm with ya sister! I'm done with winter too!

  2. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!!!! We had snow again today and more tomorrow and the temp is dropping AGAIN! We went to TX a couple weeks ago and I think we have found the area for relocating. NW TX. We saw quit a few bikes out. Sure they were bundked up, but they were riding. We just have to wait for the housing market to get better.

  3. Me too! I love snow but I prefer for vacation like snowboard trip. I can't wait to move to GA real soon! Lovely photos 🙂

  4. I've got a heater in the garage to stop the condensation forming on my bikes chrome. I can't wait for the Spring to arrive. Lovely pics. Maybe we should all post black and white pics of our bikes in winter storage!

  5. great pics. and im with you, i need a really long ride too!!!!

  6. Sounds like you are just about ready to attend a "Cabin Fever" party right now hon……lol.We had the worst snow storm here yesterday that I have seen; a complete whiteout with blizzard force winds howling like banshee's as they fiercely shook the shutters of our old house.Hang in there girl 'spring is a comin soon' if not want to share a padded cell and create havoc with me?Valkyrie

  7. I hear you Chessie… every year I struggle to get through the "Dark Months" but this year it has been worse than usual for me. Hang in there!

  8. The colder than usual days and nights, the lack of sun is zapping the life out of me. I need warmth and sun. My work schedule is chock full, so I am trapped in the shop, telling myself that if I put in the long hours, I can spend more time at the lake when it warms up. Jan and Feb mean working from 6am to midnight and many times past that. When I'm not painting, I'm writing. Tonight I am trying to finish transcribing a 10,000 word interview and then I have to edit it down to 4000 before sending it off. Yes, I too, I real ready for winter to be over!

  9. It has been a strange winter – in the Seattle area it's been very mild, and not a lot of rain. Sorry you haven't been able to get out much, and thanks for the pics!

  10. As mundane as it sounds, I think we ALL are ready for winter to be finished. Lance already said it … a strange winter season in Seattle. I've been fortunate to able to ride almost everyday. A few very cold (for Sea) and some wet, but mostly very mild weather. A different year for sure. Hang on … spring IS COMING, albeit not as quickly as we might wish!

  11. The photos are great! Keep up the posting.

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