Believe Me Shrek, I Feel The Same….

By: chesshirecat

Feb 07 2010

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This is my puppy Shrek. He’s on the inside looking out…at 9 months old, he’s quite aware of the joys of puddle jumping and making “mud pies”. He loves to dig in the mud…

As for me, I’m feeling like him…cuz while I can go out in this crazy weather…and I can ride…it’s not pleasant. I need cold weather gear, I’m getting old…never would give a damn in the younger days….


7 comments on “Believe Me Shrek, I Feel The Same….”

  1. i know the feeling as well. It’s 23 here and feels like 9. We haven’t been able to ride since late November, early December. I am dying to get out there…

  2. Your puppy is sooooo cute!!
    I’m all about bundling up on the bike. Shampa’s are AWESOME!!

  3. I guess I’m going to have to google Shampa’s….never heard of em…

  4. Getting old does beat the alternative, though cold weather gear might make the process more comfortable -:) Cute pup!!

  5. Thanks Chuck,
    I have to agree with you RE: Alternative to getting old.
    At least as an aging biker, I can add more layers to warm up. I just don’t think they put heaters in caskets…or extra layers for me to add…unless I request my friends to drop in a few things before the lid is closed and I’m dropped down…to where ever!
    Thanks for giving me a chuckle, Chuck.

  6. Shrek has turned into such a handsome dog!!!

  7. awwww…. such a cute doggy!!! great shot!!! He surelly looks like he’s eager to go out!!!

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