>The Snow Is GONE…I’m riding again

By: chesshirecat

Feb 20 2010

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>What a great day it was today.
Yes, I went riding. I was gonna meet some friends for breakfast this morning, but Mom seemed so depressed, I thought to ask her our for breakfast. We then went exploring in her car…I found a cool new road,right here in my home town. Less than a mile from my house, it went on for about 10 miles…twist’s and rises…and lots of farm land. Mom perked up.

I brought her home, and pulled my bike out. Put on my leathers, my scarves, sunglasses, light gloves…and went for a ride. I checked my gas tank, half full…odd…the odometer says 36 miles. Half a tank should read around 50 miles or a bit more…mmmm ah well…get gas later.

I’m in the saddle and I stop at Sycamore Shoals for the encampment going on there. That encampment reflects the 1700’s.

I left the Fort and headed North. I found SR 400 and headed South for a time. As I twist and turn on this road, I decide to chase a small side road called Piney Flats Road. I’ve never been on this road, but it is a fine road. I twisted and turned through some wonderful little hamlets and loads of farm land. I was on the Quilt Trail for NE TN. I found a couple of great barns with quilt designs on them…

Stopping to photograph them, I also discover this grist mill farmstead. Got some decent pictures…

Left the Mill and started to head west on another undiscovered road. I’ve covered thirty miles now…and forgot to get gas. I realize from the miss I now feel in the engine, I’m running out of gas. I get myself turned around so I can coast downhill toward some buildings off to the North. I got a good enough run before the gas gave out, to get me down to this place. It was some long forgotten “salvage” yard. I called my brother, he came to my rescue with a gallon of gas. I passed the time by taking pictures of the salvage yard! (My reserve don’t work, it hasn’t worked since 2005.)

Mark came with the gallon of gas and I’m ready to go once more. It’s already time to go home. I continue to head North toward home. Stopping at Green Hill Cemetary to photograph the headstones there. Most have been there since the Civil War.

I’m done…and going home…thanks for coming…


33 comments on “>The Snow Is GONE…I’m riding again”

  1. >I am pleased for you – getting out on your bike for the first time in a while must have been fum. Bummer about running out of gas – can you not get that reserve fixed? It seems to me that it should be a simple fix….?Gary

  2. >the 1st ride of the season is always so fulfilling!!! great ride 🙂

  3. >Wonderful photography. Bet the ride was wonderful, too.

  4. >There is nothing like the 1st ride! We are all waiting for this.

  5. >Missed you at breakfast but itlooks like you had a great ride. But I know mom comes first! You've got some great pictures. I'd love to see that cemetery sometime.

  6. >No Snow? Your Lucky. The only riding we do is on ice skates. Ride Safe!

  7. >Summer time and the livin is easy………nice collection of pics honValkyrie xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. >Great pictures. Glad you got to ride. I feel so spoiled to live here in the south where I can ride most days.

  9. >It looks like you live in a lovely part of the world. I'm so envious of you Americans, You have so many great roads and much better bike weather!Great pics!

  10. >Nice job M! I can't wait to get my first ride in Love the pics, especially the old International in the junk yard. You have a real knack for bringing out the colors.

  11. >Lucky you! I can't wait for the nicer weather and the snow to melt. We still have alot of snow on the ground and as long as there is salt on the road, my bike stay's put. Besides, we are still in the 20"s and low 30's. For now, I guess I will just live vicariously through your adventures. Happy and safe riding.

  12. >Chessie, I am glad you had a great ride. Thanks for the beautiful pics and the tour, and I know I've said this before, but your bike looks fantastic – I really like your bags!

  13. >I had to come back and get one more look at your blog. It gives me hope that one day we too will be riding again. We woke up to more snow today.

  14. >Chessie:always nice photos with history of your area. Glad you could get out for a ride. Didn't notice any snow on the ground, perhaps Spring is herebobbobskoot: wet coast scootin

  15. >Nice to see roads devoid of snow! Chicago had a nice dumping today and more is on the way. Nice also to encounter a new–to me–blogger. I took a deep breath when you ran out of gas…nice to have someone near by to come to the rescue.Finally, Interesting to learn that you're in Johnson City, TN. My first visit there was the BMW rally last summer. Rode from Chicago and enjoyed my stay! Hope the rally wasn't too hard on the locals.

  16. >Great set of photos along with your stories. Have to wonder if evaporation might account for your diminished fuel level. Never fun to run out of gas, but if you do it is wonderful to have somebody who will rescue you! We've had spring like weather in Seattle for a while and I managed a nice 100+ mile ride Sunday with about 20 friends … lovely to be out on two wheels!

  17. >god, i have to get my Sporty on the road again….

  18. >Gary, I have been meaning to tell you, I have a dear friend here stateside, whose name is Gerry France! I think the last name "France" is rather rare…It's a pleasure to see your name here in my blog…as it always reminds me of Gerry!To MQ, Doug and Kurt…we all know what the "1st ride" is to us…there is hardly a more reaffirmation of the spirit to us "die Hards" than being able to ride after a few weeks or months of 4 wheeling it!Beth, one day soon we will get the breakfast and ride in!Rob and Valkyrie, there is no doubt, I love riding…and thank God it's not on skates right now!Pinky, Steve, Biker Baby…without you guys to encourage me in my photography…I'm telling the truth, it wouldn't be worth the effort…that's how it feels sometimes!Sojourner, thank you! What a great compliment! I don't run out of gas often, once a year is the average…seems to always be at the outset of the season…I need to be reminded of my "mortality" in the gas department!Chuck, yes I figured some was due to evaporation, as well as from idleing in the garage…I don't have a battery tender, and I will start her up and idle when the snow is too deep to ride in. Between both items, I screwed up…and paid the piper! Sweet as it was…I won't have my brother around much longer. He's getting ready to move back to AR. Sigh…

  19. >I'm glad you got out and enjoyed your ride, abliet out of gas…but you took some great pics and better yet, rode to very interesting places! Looking forward to more of your adventures!

  20. >Oh, your pictures are FABULOUS!Sorry that you ran out of gas, but your shot of that red truck might well have been worth it :)Thanks for taking us on your ride with you!

  21. >I'm so glad that you were able to get out for a ride!! :)And I'm so happy to see more of your adventure photos…the black and white one is awesome, really takes it back to those days, ya know?As always, wonderful photos and thanks for sharing!!

  22. >Glad your able to finally able to get out. I'm still down with health issues and had to let loads of great days slide by.Looks like you had a good time even with the gas "hickup." Those are the kinds of rides I enjoy. They are the best.Have fun,Johnhttp://bikin-ridin-nwa.blogspot.com/

  23. >YEAH! I miss coming over here to see your wonderful pics & great writes. (love your camera, been told mine is good too, but, ya know) You Rock Lady!

  24. >Howdy……..the snow is still on the ground, u now Sweden is a rough contry this time of year…so I just finnised my Showelhead restauration ,,nearly every damm,part is re-placed………..!!!! thanks to follow my blog..best wishes.HDClas…..

  25. >Lucky you…In Stockholm (Sweden) we have more than 2 foot snow now…and I have to wait more than 1 month for ride my Superglide…you have a nice blog.

  26. >I like the post. The old Red Truck pic is especially cool. Your area sounds intersting. I am getting tired of riding the same roads in CA

  27. >Hi Chessie,Wonderful photos thanks for sharing.Came by to say hello, hope the new week will be pleasant for you.Love,Herrad

  28. >Hi,Please come by my blog and pick up your Beautiful Blogger Award.Love,Herrad

  29. >Oh that looks like so much fun! I'm still completely snowed in 😦

  30. >Also, those are some killer vintage saddlebags. I've had trouble finding anything like that for my old Shadow.

  31. >Nice to see you two wheeling again, not that I'm surprised. I know Spring comes a bit earlier for y'all down there then it does up my way. I did get to ride again (finally) while in FL for Bike Week. Even though it was cold (hi 50s low 60s) by Florida standards, for me it was just dandy. Sure, I'd have rather been in a t-shirt instead of my leathers, but since it was snowing when I was loading the bikes on the trailer to leave…well you get the idea. Have not ridden here since we returned on the 9th, but they are talking 70 degrees and sunny for tomorrow! I can guaran-damn-tee you a post next week showing you some real happy Yankees!Ride safe…and get you a new reserve line!

  32. >i would say i like the red truck pic the best…awesome photography

  33. >Thanks for the visit. I love reenacting events.

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