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Mar 19 2010

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>Good Golly Miss Molly…. SPRING IS SPUNG!
Today, I got out to ride.  I had a few house mouse things to do in the morning.  It was early afternoon about 1:15 PM before I left for the day.  How wonderful.  I rode south toward Erwin.  I saw roads that shot off off the main road that I usually take….(main road)…. I had never been on these off shoot roads.  That changed today.  Problem is, I don’t have a clue where the heck I was, or how I got there.  I’m not totally sure I will be able to find my way back to some of ride.  But…for now folks…see what I found!

It’s a 1929 Model A.  This yard had several in all manner of repair and refurbishing. It’s all this shop does. Breathe life into the Model A.

Model A Macs…. cool name or what?

Inside the shop I found this display! I love this!  The owner is a MX racer…well he was…

  Here is some rust…but it’s all here, it’s not BONDO…it’s real!  It’s AMAZING! 

Here are some Model A parts… it’s cool and it’s rusting… but again… where are ya gonna find this stuff?

Here’s an engine…

After a bit, I hang the camera over my shoulder and continue on. I soon find myself traveling next to the Nolichucky River

This river is a great rafting and Kayaking river! Here is a shot of the fencing that keeps rock slides from covering the road….

A mountain rural cemetery

A cool little restaurant up in the hills…food was good…and HOT.

I went into the bathroom here at the restaurant…and graffiti etched into the paint on the door.

The Nolichucky River once more…

I’m outta here friends….
Thanks for coming!


16 comments on “>SPRING…OH YEAH!”

  1. >Love the Model A, a guy around my hometown builds them too. I'm getting ready to ride the Natchez Trace next thursday…tune in to the compound and join the ride…I only mention it because I know you are thinking of ridding to Natchez one day.Big Al

  2. >Thanks again for a nice road trip in pics!

  3. >Now that looks like you had a good time. I'm hoping to convince my Doc that I need to be out doing this. If you get a chance…look me up on yahoo chat/messenger, I'm hoping to ride that way this summer and have a few questions to run by a native.Johnbikin-ridin-nwa.blogspot.com

  4. >Yeah BikerBabe… you found the right guy… thanks

  5. >not fair! i so wanna ride. But i have been working and schooling these past 2 awesome days…work tomorrow…and my lovely hubby decided to sent me pics of where he was via phone…teasing me while i worked my butt off. Plus mine is partially apart awaiting new parts

  6. >Wonderful pictures…also an engine with rust is beautiful…

  7. >What a great way to celebrate day one of Spring!

  8. >What a wonderful find! The pictures are great. I love being surprised by the call of the road. Your captures convey tons of cool discoveries–I love that. Thanks for the ride!

  9. >what was that Kurt Russel Kelly McGillis movie? I could not read the poster.still cold with snow in chicago- I did get a ride a bit in daytona a few weeks ago, but still waiting for warmer weather in Chicago.

  10. >The movie poster with Kurt Russel and Kelly McGillis was "The Winter People"…

  11. >The Model A place looked like it made the trip. I love stuff like that. Nice to see you out on the road again. Usually I'd be severely jealous, but it was 72 here last Saturday and we did some serious wheel spinning. Felt good!Ride safe…

  12. >Glad you got out for a ride and shared with us! My gosh I just loved those Model As! Such beautiful cars they are! 🙂

  13. >i love those off roads which lead you to parts unknown.

  14. >Wow awesome pics. I was psyched to get out and ride too now that the weather's nicer again.

  15. >Chessie:It's nice to explore all those roads less travelled, and you found a GEM. You sure know how to use your new camera, nice photos . It seems to be getting warmer here too during the day, but still near freezing at nightbobbobskoot: wet coast scootin

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