>86 Degrees April 2, no it’s not April Fools.

By: chesshirecat

Apr 02 2010

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What a great day for a ride. The temps. were beyond perfect at a top range of 86 degrees. Though leaving out was a tad chilly at 46 degrees, yeowza…the shadows in the mountains were COLD…but oh my….oh my…200 miles of riding today…see my route? Oh my!

This is Boneback Ridge….see the climbers? I think this is a place where they come to learn and practice.

This is Beaver Creek. It runs next to Backbone Ridge. This, by the way…is just below TN SR 133, and the town of Damascus in VA.

This is where I bear left onto US-58, just north of Damascus. It takes us up into the surrounding mountains…

I’m still on US-58 East…It’s getting warmer here, so I shed my jacket while admiring this little rushing river.

So much to see on US-58.

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains! The next few shots will reflect this…

Another abandoned home…don’t ya love those blue shingles? I do!

The following photo is on my way to Sparta on NC-21…

This last photo is from TN’s SR 67. It’s of Lake Watauga in the mountains above my home in Elizibethton TN.


16 comments on “>86 Degrees April 2, no it’s not April Fools.”

  1. >Just got home from the bar, opening night. Love the pics. Looks like nice ride you had today. Waited all day to see where you went. Glad you are home safe and sound. We ride Sunday!!

  2. >Once again you share your ride with us, thanks! I really need to get to this part of the US as the scenery is amazing!

  3. >I am jealous! 86 degrees!!!It looks like a great ride. I liked the pictures of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but sadly no Lonesome Pines….I like the second abandoned home picture – the contrast between the rusty red and the blue sky is terrific.

  4. >Friday was excellent for riding! I took my Glide out for a little spin and met my hubby for lunch. After running a couple errands, I took the long way home. I shed my jacket too! The warmth was so welcome and to ride without all the extra weight for a change… ahhhh.Great Pictures as usual! Ride on!

  5. >Len, the ride was quite amazing. It's been about a year since I took US58 that far east. I've never been on NC 21 or NC88, so the roads south and than east were a surprise and a pleasure! In fact all the roads were since it's been so long that I've been on them!Facey, every region has something that makes going there a pleasure! Your north of the boarder pics and riding tales…well, all I can say is if my readers haven't found you yet…they should take the time to click on your name and follow the link to your blog…it's a great example of riding information and pictures…it's like mine!Gary, ah the lonesome pine. No darlin' those rugged little pines don't make it to our neck of the woods. But, the pines that do cover our mountains are the culprits to the blue haze that you see. They dispense a chemical into the air when they breathe…that chemical in large doses puts off a "blue haze"…. (I used to like Purple Haze as a teenager…)My dear Lady! We live is the magnificent Southland! Isn't it grand? I'm so happy to be able to ride without so many layers on, it's nice to only ride with a scarf covering my face (I do this in 100+ degrees too) rather than a neoprene wet suit material to keep my skin from freezing off! I am looking forward to reading the works of all my old friends who blog about their rides…yours is one of the good-uns that cause me happiness to read….Thanks to all of you great people who come to see my photos and read about the great roads of Dixie… Come back often y'all!

  6. >I envy your weather. We were out for about 3-4 hours yesterday but it was very windy…43 mph winds. Today it's raining and only 51 degrees. We are suppose to ride to Starved Rock tomorrow but we'll see. It might be a car trip.

  7. >MS BikerBaby…bless ya…Fingers are crossed for your ability to straddle the saddle…and make the trip! Hope the weather holds better promise soon!

  8. >It didnt quite get up that warm here, low 70's I think? Lots of stiff cross winds I managed 155 miles to see my doctor and get the news all that…I had fun. Looks like you did for sure. Love the pictures. Keep it up.John

  9. >Well, I'm envious, to say the least! Rain and wind for the last several days in Seattle. More of the same promised for the next week as well. February was gorgeous, but I'm really wondering why winter has returned. Perhaps we didn't appreciate what we had back then?Cheers,Chuck

  10. >Wow, Chessie your photos are always amazing and very inviting! Your Sporty looks right at home on those twisty roads – and those mountains, WOW, they just look beautiful. Love the old homesteads – are those tin roofs? (Might be a silly question, sorry!) All the best to you – Janet/Corn Dog

  11. >John, any day we get to ride is a good one. It's just less cumbersome when we are able to shed the thick jackets and gloves! It feels good don't it?Chuck, I was born in the Seattle area. Don't remember any of it except for a little house my parents had built just North of Seattle. We left there before I was four. I have friends who live there now, and they always amaze me with how late in the season your able to ride there! Sucks the weather is getting nasty with you all now…Looking forward to reading more of your great exploits!Janet, yuppers…it's tin roofs all the way…I love em…don't you?

  12. >Those photos bring back memories of fall when I was last through that area. Some really great rides and you captured some of the nice scenery. Nice work.

  13. >Love the picture of the rock climber! I've always wanted to do that…So glad that it's warming up and we'll get to see a lot more of your finds on your rides! I love how you can find the most random building and make it look so interesting with your photos! 🙂

  14. >Chessie, great ride and great photos. I really liked those photos of abandoned old homes. Them ble tiles where fantastic. When I do my rides in the Norwegian country sides I picture a lot of those old farm houses that slowly gets back to mother earth. I do off course check them out to see if there is a old piece of an amaerican motorcycle there too, you never know!I apprechiated your photo comment on my blog, I did a reply for you.Kind regardsSverreAMcN

  15. >I do like riding along with you. You have great country rich with history. I hope this year I can get out and do more of what you do. Then I guess I'd have to finally get off my lazy ass and start a blog.

  16. >Gorgeous pics, beautiful cliff side. Lonve the ones with the bike too, lovely fence.

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