>Yesterday, I took my 1st Yoga class. I felt very good after the class. We spent time doing back exercises and after the class, it felt so good, like there was no compression on my spine!

I felt compelled to ride after I left the gym. So ride is what I did. I decided to ride the hollers of the county I live in. Carter County has many hollers. In the past, it was recommended to strangers to stay out of the hollers. The folks living back in the woods and hills didn’t take kindly to strangers. I think things have changed a bit since then. I didn’t feel uneasy http://chessiestales.blogspot.com/to ride these roads yesterday. In fact it felt really good. I saw a lot of cool stuff. Some of the photos turned out well, and others…

I really like the old steel bridges we have around here. But lately, I guess some pork barrel funds were let loose upon our county, because they are replacing 2 that I know of this summer. Here is one…

Moving along, this is what I enjoy when I ride out here in the hollers, this old house, recently abandoned…but it shows so much history.

And these deer are becoming a common sight this year. Many of the locals believe we will have a bumper crop of these guys this year!

I also came across a well maintained country cemetery…You guys know how much I like photographing cemeteries!

This is the time of year when the mountain hollers and hill sides send out the heavy aromas of sweet hay and clover! It’s wonderful…but watch out of bees. I was stung on the cheek, just in front of my ear by a bee or a wasp. Glad I’m not overly sensitive to em. Just yell “SON OF A…” “MO-FO that hurts!” as well as few more choice exclamations.

I came across a weathered barn, whose doors no longer hung on the old iron hinges:

The shaded interior was cool, inviting and it was apparent to me, whoever built this structure was no framer.

The faded and curling boards suffering the years of heat and cold, stand in stark contrast to the beauty that is the landscape of Carter County.

After a while, I leave Stony Creek where I was exploring the hollers, and rode to the mountain top above Shady Valley, overlooking “The Snake”. I walked onto the Appalachian Trail, leaving my bike parked on the side of the road. I had been told of a very pretty sight on this part of the trail. I was told it wasn’t hard to get to and while the hike was about 1/4 mile up a slight grade, it would be worth the effort. Tell me, what do you think?

Leaving this heavenly spot on the mountain top, I drop into the valley below and point the wheel north into Damascus VA. Passing through this quaint town, and heading south east back into TN. I once more find myself taking lesser roads to find the America we all yearn for while we ride our motorcycles. I found it.

In Spades…

And one last scratch your head moment: I found these headstones in Mountain City.

It’s time to head home. I had a great time exploring these places…I hope you do too.


  1. >Just wonderful! Your photos are great. 🙂

  2. >Hello ChessieYoga? One night, a few years ago. after pushing a bike out of the garage, I had difficulty getting my leg over the saddle. yikes! this is not good, I said to myself.the next week I signed up for a yoga class. Now going into my 3rd year I don't think I will ever stop going. I did get some flexibility back, and my instructor- Pat- who is in her late 60's is as flexible as a athletic women 1/3 her age.I also run and bicycle, too, but Yoga is like a message and a nap.

  3. >It's always nice to ride along with you. The pix are great.

  4. >Everyone always says "yogurt" will make ya feel better …LOL That area reminds me of my home town area. Love your shots. Looks like you dont have to go far for a great ride. Another plus for southern living.John @bikin-ridin-nwa.blogspot.com

  5. >What a lovely ride you just took me on. Boy did I need that! Thanks a bunch for sharing this with me. I didn't know that you love cemeteries too…? Wow…that is one of my passions as well. I go to cemeteries all the time and have taken photos all across the USA. If you ever get to Colorado and Alabama go to the high mountain cemeteries back woods and to the civil war cemeteries in the south. You will be happy as a flower that blooms for the day. When I was in Alabama at my ex's brother’s funeral, they knew how much I loved venturing into cemeteries and we went on a hunt in the deep woods along the Mississippi river. After making a few wrong turns while walking through the woods we finally stumbled across it. I was in awe… tucked away was one of the most breath taking cemeteries I have ever been to in all the yrs I have been researching them. We came up a witch’s grave. This has been the first and last witch grave I have ever come across in my lifetime. I was so drawn to her grave that when it was time to move on I didn't want to budge. My ex and his friend thought I was crazy, they couldn't understand my connection to these places. Her grave to me was as unique and beautiful as a custom motorcycle of art and the history of this poor woman death intrigued me to stay there and pray for her soul. Since they took me on a spare of a moment while we went to the store, I didn't have my camera. It has been over 15 yrs since I have been there and I have vowed to one day go back on my bike and try to find an old timer who played in the woods when they were younger to know this exists. I think about this place often. Her grave was incased in Iron to hold her in the ground so she couldn't get out through spirit. It was meant to be a mean thing but today I find it to be just what I would like to have on my grave when I die. I have thought about how I could make such art and put it away for when my time comes but I need a blacksmith to complete my dream.

  6. >What beautiful countryside to ride through! I love the pictures of the old barns and houses, and the steel bridges are wonderful, it would be a shame if they replaced all of them – a couple need to be preserved. Enjoyed reading very much.

  7. >You do have some awesome country to ride in. Love your post.

  8. >This is why I love your blog Chessie… it's the "Feels Like I'm There With You" factor? Great pics as usual.

  9. >Weird headstones…definitely scratching my head on that one. You know I love the pictures of the bridges 🙂 I really like the one of the inside of the barn too, that was really cool.

  10. >These are all the great and attractive destinations, which are full of pleasure activities for all the family and friends. The rides are so fantastic and pleasurable for sure with other scenic attractions as well.

  11. >Chessie,Loved the blog ma'am. It's so refreshing to see others have a yearning for the things I'm drawn to as I ride. The history and feeling of both old barns and cemeteries are somewhat the same for me. By the way I seem to be obsessed these days with the quilt patches such as the one in your photograph. Thanks for sharing your art form with us,Ronman

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