>Little Switzerland and motorcycles

>I’ve put in another ride. I rode up over the mountain, Roan Mountain.

Image caption: View from Roan Mountain.

Once down into North Carolina, I get on NC-226 south and ride into Little Switzerland.  I’ve never been here before and didn’t know what to expect. I actually THOUGHT I would find something that could be called a town. I was wrong. It’s a post office, a few resort lodges, a restaurant with a book store thrown in for good measure. All on a mountain top.

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Image caption: Little Switzerland shopping and restaurant 

I stopped, thinking I would see what the buzz was all about here. There were about 40 motorcycles parked on the side of the road, in the post office parking lot across the street and filled their own parking lot.  Well damn it, this place is OK, the food smelled good, but I don’t care to sit outside watching traffic as I wait for my name to be called for a table.  Oh, by the way…there is an exit for the Blue Ridge just before you find the restaurant. All these people came off the Blue Ridge. The fall colors are here, and so are the riders and drivers. OI.

I also noticed my first woolly worm of the year here…I’ll bet people in the restaurant thought I was nuts to get on my stomach to catch this little guys photo. I don’t care…never did, never will.  

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Image caption: Wooly Worm

I also realized I was on NC-226-A, not on NC-226 proper.  I turned around and headed for NC-226. A great ride down the mountain side!  I took a few photos as I was riding down, but they didn’t come out. It was a frantic kind of ride…there was a lot of construction. I was actually glad when the trip down the mountain was done. But then…I came upon this….

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Image Caption: SMOKING GUN

This is a slow cooker/smoker/BBQ’er…..see the smoke coming out of the barrel of the gun? I had to make a big U-TURN when I saw this.

I was on my way home, speeding like crazy on NC-108 when this guy pulled out in front of me. Slowed me down to 45 from 65 in a 50.  So I took his photo once I got my bike to settle into the slow pace. I was late getting home.

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Image caption: Slow Poke on 108

So…I guess I’ll share this last photo with y’all …

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Image Caption: Chessie on Roan Mountain.

10 comments on “>Little Switzerland and motorcycles”

  1. >Beautiful fall colours. Ours are just about done here, but I'm hoping to get out for a short ride this afternoon (a bit chilly – about 40 – but sunny) and if I do I'll post some pics.Wooly worms are all out here too, except we call them fuzzy bears. Unfortunately they're predicting a pretty harsh winter for us (narrow red band), but your's should be relatively mild. We'll see how accurate the little guys are this year.

  2. >Great photos! I wanted so much to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway this year. Oh well maybe next year. As always I enjoy your posts.

  3. >The mountain view is magnificent!

  4. >I love the first picture. It is very hard to get such a clear picture like that of mountains / hills. I should know, I have got hundreds of bad ones! Excellent job!

  5. >My wife and I are talking about driving to NC in a couple of weeks. If we're there the last week of October or first week of November, are we going to miss the colors? I'm surprised you have that much already!

  6. >Great photos! An interesting read as usual Chessie, I would like to have heard what the food was like!

  7. >Alan, the 3rd week of OCT. is concidered top color for this part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. After the 3rd week it's all down hill. I hope you will have good color when you arrive…sometimes in the lower portion near Asheville you might find the color will stay a bit longer.

  8. >Those little out of the way places are great! They always seem to have the best food. Looks like a fun ride.John

  9. >As always..magnificant! The wooly worm was worth crawlin on your tummy for…;)

  10. >Great picture of the Roan Mountains. Colorado leafs are ending, but there are still some beautiful spots. High mountains have there first snow.

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