While riding in Brevard County Florida, on an access road to Cape Kennedy, I saw this mock space shuttle behind the shrubbery. I turned around and pulled into the drive, positioned the “lil Girl” just right and snapped a few shots. This actually is similar to the construction a dad would do for his kids … TREE HOUSE or CLUB HOUSE for the kids to play in. Behind this Space Shuttle is a small pond no doubt filled with gators and other creepy critters, but this is one cool club house for the kids! (You’ll find this road above North Tropical Trail as you head for the Cape!)


  1. That helmet hanging off your bike reminds me of exactly how much I hate those things. But what a great photo of her.

  2. Florida, a nice place to ride. I lived there in the 90’s when I was in the Air Force, a total of 7 years. I made the trip from Coco Beach North past Cape Canaveral to Daytona Beach several times. I use to go fishing on Cape Canaveral at the submarine basin when the sub was away. I’ve seen those “gators” you wrote about along the road to Cape Canaveral down in the wet swampy areas. I wouldn’t want to walk around that area after dark!

  3. Claude, since our accident back in 2006, I carry a constant reminder of how lucky I was. Remember the big goose egg I got? I still have two lumps under the scalp (dried blood clots that never dissipated). I always wear the helmet now. You know what? I actually like the full faced helmet. This Nolan hugs my head and I feel as if I’m being “comforted”. Another great thing? It slices through the air like a hot knife through butter…no more neck fatigue like I would once have!

    DRF. I knew there were more things in common than just a blog between you and I. My dad was a lifer in the Air Force. He was stationed at Patrick AFB in the early 60’s. Fact is stranger than fiction! We too would fish in the area you speak of!

  4. It’s a small world. I guess I’m also a “lifer”. I retired from the USAF after 20 years. I spent 7 of them in Florida and absolutely loved the area. Great place for motorcycle riding and fishing. If you do any fishing in the area, another place I enjoyed was the Sebastian Inlet State Park.

  5. Sebastian Inlet. I remember as a kid, we could go there and enter free. Dad bought a house in Melbourne Beach (17 miles north of the inlet). As kids we would ride our bikes down to the park on A-1-A. That would get ya killed today! We would hunt for clams in the little cove on the riverside of inlet. When I was older, I fished for Blue off the north jetty. I also would come to Sebastian Inlet to surf on the north side! In those days it was known as Shark’s Pit. 🙂

  6. And to me Florida means the brute ugliness of the I-95 from Palm Beach to Miami. Guess I need to take a driving trip!

  7. Gosh Lori, I know exactly what you mean by that statement! I would have to drive down I-95 from Melbourne to Hollywood once a month (1977-1982). By the time I hit Palm Beach, it was so dangerous with traffic zooming past me at speeds faster than light (seemingly to me!) and I was on my motorcycle at the time. I hated the ride from West Palm Beach to Hollywood. I was a target for all those low slung fast moving 4 wheelers. No cares for the biker then…you were a target just like all the other poor souls in old cars who were just trying to get to work or get home. UGH. I do not like I-95 says Sam-I-Am… and Chessie hates it too.

  8. With the number tourists visiting that area every year, you think the government would have DONE SOMETHING by now! My husband wants to retire to Boca (in 20 years, don’t get any funny ideas), and I just… can’t. 😦

  9. Lori, it has to said, when the soul is weighted with dread such as the idea of retirement to Boca… I’m with you, in 20 years it will not be an idea that is attractive. Your husband will be wise to hear your pleas regarding turning your backs to B.R. (Mouth of the Fish).

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