“…and maybe I died in vain…”

By: chesshirecat

Jul 28 2011

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“I am the Unknown Soldier

And maybe I died in vain,

But if I were alive and my country called,

I’d do it all over again.”



8 comments on ““…and maybe I died in vain…””

  1. Very atmospheric in black and white.

  2. When my country called in 1961, I answered and served proudly. I was Honorably discharged with a disability in 1971 after serving 9 years 9 months and serving in Vietnam from May, 1968 until July, 1969. And I would most difinitely answer her call again and again. As they say, freedom is not free. I wrote the check once. And would do it again. I am so very glad that America’s attitude towards her veterans has changed over the years. It was terrible when Icame home. People have, thankfully, awakened to the fact that the soldiers, sailors and airmen and women pay the price for all to have the freedoms that we have left. I honor the serviceman and woman, alive or dead. This photo speaks volumes. Yet is so simple. Thank you, Chessie.

  3. Lovely photo, Chessie.

  4. Thank you. I never actually looked at it tht way. But there were Canadians that fought in Vietnam. As well as English and Koreans, Australians and others, if I am not mistaken. I will admit we carried the majority of the soldiers, sailors and airmen and women. But I do know there were others there. But thank you very much for your comment. It is definitely a different frame of mind now than when I came home. I never even mentioned that I was a Vietnam vet until about 10 years ago. If you did, you were pretty much scorned, cursed and even spit upon. I can not tell you how many fights I have had for being a Vietnam vet. I am so very thankful that society has awoken to the fact that we only answered the call of our country. And freedom is, for absolute fact, not free. Many men and women have died for the freedoms that are enjoyed by all. And the old saying, “All gave some, some gave all.” is absolutely dead on correct. Many gave more than they should have. And a lot came back with wounds not visable. But debilitating none the less. Thank you so very much for your comment. I never did see what I had done in that light.

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